May 15, 2009

Cheap Eats

Making meals that are inexpensive, fast, and healthy is one of many ways to help you stay on budget. Eggs and Rice is my go-to for a quick meal at any time of the day. We serve ours with a little soy sauce dashed on top. We often make these without meat, but if you are a meat eater then by all means add it. This recipe is very similar to fried rice that you might find at a Chinese restaurant, but instead of scrambling the eggs first you add the rice and eggs in at the same time. We often make this when we have a lot of people to feed for breakfast but only a few eggs on hand.

Eggs and Rice

Leftover cooked rice (about 3/4-1 c. of rice for every egg)
1 T. milk
Vegetables (onions, peas, zucchini, whatever you have on hand)
Meat (shrimp, crab meat, ham, chicken, steak, etc)

Scramble eggs with milk and salt and pepper, set bowl aside. In a skilled saute vegetables and meat with butter, ghee, oil, or cooking spray. Once vegetables are translucent, add scrambled eggs, then add rice. Stir often and cook until eggs are at your preferred level of doneness. Serve with soy sauce to taste.

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