May 18, 2009


Notice any difference between the two eggs? The larger and deeper yellow one is from a farmer friend of mine. Farm fresh eggs are not only delicious they are also healthier choices for our family. Yes, farm fresh eggs are more expensive than regular grocery store eggs, but once I compared the taste and quality of the two, it was easy for us to make the switch.

To boil the perfect egg

Fresh eggs do not usually peel very easily, which tells you something about how long the eggs from the grocery have been sitting in transit and on the refrigerator shelves in the stores. I use farm fresh eggs for boiling after I've had them in our fridge for about a month. Don't I worry about them being too old? Put an egg in water, and if it floats, it is past its prime.

Add eggs to cold water and do not crowd your pot. Add about a half of a teaspoon of salt to help the eggs peel more easily later. Bring to a gentle boil, then put the lid on the pot and turn the burner off. Leave them on the same cooking eye for 15 minutes for hard boiled eggs and 12 for softer boiled eggs. When the timer goes off, run the eggs under cold water.

Warm eggs peel more easily. Peel the eggs under a very slowly running faucet. The water helps the peel to loosen from the egg. (If you want to reduce water waste, collect the run-off in a bowl to water your plants.)
Want a simple recipe? Try Egg and Caper Salad

Chop boiled eggs, add mayonnaise and a few fork fulls of capers. You do not need to rinse the capers, as the briny taste will add seasoning to your salad. Today I used about 8 eggs, a little more than 1/4 c. mayonnaise, and approx 2 1/2 tablespoons of capers. Dash the top with a little Cajun seasoning or paprika for color.


  1. I love Eggs. I love Mayo. I love Egg Salad. But, my new love is Egg Caper Salad!

    I am a simple cook and have only heard my husband mention Capers when he talked about a recipe once. I myself have never bought it, let alone cooked with it!

    Now, let me say this...I think I will be using this recipe for future family outings as MY dish. It was delish!

  2. After reading that comment, maybe I will try it too. I've had capers once on a pizza, but that's it.

    Nothing beats REAL eggs, not confined, horribly treated hen eggs, but eggs from hens given a real life. I certainly encourage everyone to seek local, cruelty-free and/or organic eggs!

    For more info on eggs and hens, check out, you might just want to start your own hen farm!