May 13, 2009

Three Rivers Market Shares

Many people have asked questions about owning shares at Three Rivers and what benefits one receives from doing so. Here is some general information on shares at TRM.

Membership makes a difference
Become an Member of East Tennessee's only community owned natural foods grocery store!

Membership Information
We encourage you to become a Fair Share Member through the purchase of 8 or more shares, therefore building the cooperative's equity base and giving you the opportunity to a patronage refund in profitable years.

You can also start your Membership subscription with a single $25 share purchase. Members are required to purchase at least one share annually to remain active in cooperative decisions and to receive Member benefits.

As a Member of Three Rivers Market you are sharing in the responsibilities and benefits of a community-owned business. Fill out a share application today!

Responsibilities of Membership
Patronize the cooperative; give your business to your business
· Promote the cooperative to others - tell your friends and neighbors about Three Rivers Market
· Protect the business interests of the cooperative by purchasing your yearly share on time
· Stay informed of what is happening at the cooperative - read the Newsletter and eNews
· Learn about cooperatives and the Cooperative Principles and objectives
· Attend the Annual Meeting

Current Benefits of Membership
Participate in the Patronage Refund in profitable years (after meeting the Fair Share requirement)
· Receive a 10% discount on volume purchases
· Take advantage of variable Member discounts, such as a 10%discount on all Local items throughout the store, including local organic produce and dairy products, locally made foods, TRM deli foods and many others
· Exercise your opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and vote in elections
· Receive a discount on Three Rivers Market newsletter advertising

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