June 30, 2009

Pull Ups Coupon

huggies-pull-ups Go here-- printable(IE) or printable (FF) --for a $3 off coupon for Huggies Pull Ups.  Thanks to Coupon Katie for the info!

Wendy’s Coupon

Wendyism #301: Thanks America, we like you too.Go here to print a $1 off coupon for Wendy’s new Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken.

Nakano Rice Vinegar

Thanks Freebies4Mom for this freebie info:

Sign-up for the Nakano Splash Recipe Club and get a recipe booklet, color recipe cards, plus coupons for FREE Nakano Natural or Seasoned Rice Vinegar (up to $4 value) and Save $0.50 on Holland House Cooking Wine. Both coupons don't expire until 12/31/10. You can also register to print a coupon to Save $1 on Nakano Rice Vinegar (it's a PDF coupon) that expires 12/31/09.

Coupons 7/5

The only coupons scheduled are the Procter and Gamble circular for 7/5.  Since these come out every month, and they are often for products I do not buy, I’ll probably be taking this week off for couponing.  If you would like the sneak peak of coupons, check out Southern Savers later in the week, as Jenny usually posts them by Saturday at the latest.

New Cellfire Coupons

Go to here to add the new Cellfire deals to your card.

$2.99 Veggie Tales Video

Thanks to All Things Frugal 4-U and Me for this awesome deal!  If you or your family do not watch these, it would make a great birthday or holiday gift.

Visit here to see how you can snag a Veggie Tales DVD for just the $2.99 shipping after signing up for their newsletter.
Offer valid while supplies last and limited to 1 per customer.
This would make a nice present!

Tip of the day

Look through junk mail and pull out any envelopes.  Save them to store seeds for next year.  If you use the envelope system for coupon storage or budgeting, you can use these instead of purchasing envelopes.  They are also fun for kids to play post office with.

June 29, 2009

Weekly Deals at Three Rivers Market

Hooray!  Three Rivers Market has just sent out their deals for this week.  I have spoken with Homer Griffith, and he told me that these will be sent out each week via e-mails.  If you have not signed up for their e-mail newsletter, you can do so here under “Keeping in Touch with eNews”. 

Also be on the lookout for over 80 Cock–a–doodle Deals available throughout the month of July!


Organic Watermelons $3.99
Save: $3.00

Mali's Gourmet Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal $4.99
Save: $3.00

LightLife Fat Free Smart Dog (eight pack) $1.99
Save: $1.90

Applegate Farms Organic Beef Hot Dogs (eight pack) $3.99
Save: $2.20

J/A/S/O/N/ Quit Bugging Me Spray $4.89
Save: $3.00

Independence Days Update

DSC_0434 I participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.  This is our weekly update, and since I was out of town for a good hunk of the week, it isn’t very long.  The photo above is of the beet greens that I sautéed before freezing.

Plant Something—nothing went into the ground this week.

Harvest Something—zucchini, bell pepper, cucumbers, beets, our first red tomatoes, various herbs, bush beans, filet beans, red onion, green onions.

Preserve Something—canned pickled beets, put up zucchini, green onions, and beet greens in the freezer.  Yellow squash to go in the dehydrator today.

Waste Not/Managing the food reserves—Added more beans and pasta sauce to the pantry stockpile, we continue to use leftovers, compost, use the rain barrel, and recycle.  I made an effort to bring all of the recyclables home with us from our trip.  When eating at a restaurant we always try to ask for them not to bring Styrofoam or plastic straws to the table.  I guess it is a force of habit because they almost always leave one, and our 3 year old has it opened before we realize what has happened.  I try to pack up those items and bring them back home to recycle. Every little bit helps!

Want Not/Prep and Storage—My hubby staked the last of the tomatoes.  We thinned and deadheaded the garden as needed. 

Ate the food—Delighted in making homemade biscuits for my grandmother to sample this year’s strawberry jam.  Made homemade cinnamon rolls for hubby, and he was a very happy man.  We enjoyed pickling the beets for the first time.  We’ve been eating the cucumbers as soon as they come out of the garden or else I would have some of those pickled by now too. 

Build Community Food Systems—Sorted through and organized the food pantry at church.  We were able to make quite a few purchases this week with our coupons and add a significant amount to the stores there.  Met another local couponer—Coupon Katie—and accepted her blood glucose meter.  I donated 6 or so of the meters to our friend and egg farmer (also an internist) for her patients.  The next batch will go to Catholic Charities via Father Reagan.  My friend Jennifer of Coupon Mommie is holding a coupon workshop on July 9th, and I’ve been helping to get the word out about that.  Our church opened up the vegetable cart this week, which is used to raise funds for our various outreach programs. 

Free Fireworks Coupon--Knoxville

Flowers of FirePick up your free copy of the West Side Shopper News this week.  In Section A there is an advertisement for the Fireworks Superstore in West Knox at Exit 369 off of I-40. There is a coupon for a free $12 item “selected especially for you”.  One coupon per customer, for customers over 16 years old.  The coupon expires 7/15/09, and it does not specify that you must make another purchase.

Dog Days of Summer Shelter Supply Drive


Info thanks to the Fountain City Focus.

Free Museum Day—Mark your calendar

Thanks to The Freebie Blogger for this info:

It looks like Smithsonian Magazine will be offering free museum admission again this year. This will take place on 9/26/09 at museums across the country. You can click here to find a list of participating venues (there may be new locations added later). The admission card page is not up yet, but when it is you can go there to print out your free admission card. Card is good for you and a guest, limit one per household.

Coupon Katie


I had the delight of meeting Coupon Katie today.  She was generous enough to donate the blood glucose meter she had received, and I met her up at our church, Faith UMC to pick it up.  It was so nice to meet her and her sweet boys in person and hear more about her couponing story.  She has a post up now entitled, “Why did you start using coupons?”  If you would like to read a little more about her or would like to tell more of your story to inspire others, head on over and check it out.  Thanks for all you do for the community Katie!

Ingles Deals 6/28-7/4

Savings and RewardsGo here to view the Ingles deals for this week.  Thanks for doing these match-ups Jen!  Go here to view the sale ad on line.  Go here to sign up for their Advantage Mail program.

Free Family Film Festival

Check out Regal Cinemas for free movies this week. Movies begin at 10am and seating is first come first serve.

Knoxville Center Mall
Charlotte's Web (G)
Igor (PG)

West Town Mall
The Tale Of Despereaux (G)
Nim's Island (PG)

Mr. Bean's Holiday (G)
Evan Almighty (PG)

Possible Money Maker at Kroger

06282009043Go to Nickles-N-Dimes to find out the details on how to make money when buying Clorox this week at Kroger. (Photo from her site).  Thanks for the great info!

Organic Valley Kids Activity Book

Organic valley kids booklet


Go here to order the Organic Valley Kids Activity Booklet which comes with a welcome kit and coupons.  Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Kroger Match-ups 6/28-7/4

Kroger logoGo here to view the Kroger deals and match-ups at Southern Savers.  They are running their Mega Sale again this week, which means that there are some good deals to be had.  Happy Shopping!

Bath & Body Works

IN STORES ONLY! FREE ANTI-BACTERIAL FOAMING HAND SANITIZER with any purchaseGo here to print a coupon for a free anti-bacterial foaming hand sanitizer with any purchase at Bath & Body Works.

Sundaes on Mondays

On Mondays through the end of August, Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops are offering a" Sundaes on Mondays" BOGO promotion. Go here to read more information. Thanks Money Saving Mom for the info!

Tip of the day

Use paper from the recycling bin for notepads instead of buying sticky notes.  These work great for scratch paper.

June 28, 2009

Target Deals 6/28-7/4

bullseye__V2546705_ My computer has been down with the storms heading through our area today.  Thanks for your patience with me for just now getting these out. 

Go here for the Target deals for the week.

Go here for info on how to get Dove Spray and Deodorant free at Target.

Happy Shopping!

A Happy Thought

DSC_0197 “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” –Celia Thaxter

Stockpiling, Food Security, & Emergency Preparedness

Below are some of the best buys to add to your stockpile this week.  If you do not shop at the stores listed, I suggest that you take $1-$5 from your weekly food budget for stockpiling.  Look for the best buys to get the most bang for your buck. 


  • Campbell’s soup 2 cans for $1 with in store coupon.
  • Van Camp’s pork and beans 2 cans for $1 with in store coupon.
  • Chicken of the Sea tuna and sardines 59 ct each with in store coupon. 
  • 3/$1 Hydrogen Peroxide (for your home and car first aid kits)


  • Bumblebee Tuna 2/$1
  • Campbell’s soup 2/$1


  • 5 lbs Rice, $2.18 (White rice stores longer than brown rice.  Brown rice, while preferred for health reasons, is only good for 6 months.  After that the oils in the rice become rancid.)


They are having their Mega Sale again this week.  As mentioned last week, the best shelf stable buys included in the sale were the Ragu Pasta Sauces.  If you use the 60ct off coupon and the 30cts off when you buy 10 of the Mega Sale items, these are 79cts.  They are not mentioned in the sale ad, but Kroger stores usually have most of the same items for 2 weeks of sale.  If you are not already going into Kroger, you might want to call ahead to make sure that they are still included. 


Other—Add some plastic gloves to your first aid kit in your car or some in your purse.  When you are at a doctor’s office or hospital next, ask if they mind if you have one pair.  (I have never had them refuse this.  Only get one pair so as to not abuse their kindness).  They also sell boxes of these at drug stores.  Store your gloves in a zip top bag to keep them clean.

Even though I am a social worker and not a nurse, I have been trained in first aid.  I have come across all sorts of minor problems where having a pair of these gloves in my purse or car has come in handy.  At church, at the mall, at the bathroom, I’ve helped people who have cut themselves and do not have any kind of bandage with them.  Having the gloves helps to make the whole process more sanitary.

Tip of the day

Use both sides of paper when making copies—you will use less paper and might be charged for fewer copies.

June 27, 2009

Food Co-op July Match-ups

Three Rivers Market June Coupon Match-UpThere are Co-op Advantage Stores located in 12 states with 44 stores.  Our local Co-op Advantage store is Three Rivers Market (or TRM as I often abbreviate it).  If you are outside of the Knoxville area, go to this link and look on the last page to see if there is a store located near you.

Three Rivers Market is a cooperatively-owned natural foods grocery store serving the Knoxville community and all of East Tennessee. They offer many certified organic foods, as well as fresh produce and offerings from our many local growers and producers. You'll find more than 200 herbs and spices, a large bulk buying section, freshly prepared deli foods, as well as refrigerated, frozen, and packaged groceries.

Their sales ad goes out monthly.  These are the coupon match-ups I’ve found thus far, and there may be more as coupons are generated at the beginning of the month on many sites.   I do not receive the Mambo Sprouts Coupon Book, but it is my understanding that there might be some additional coupons in it that would match with the sales.  I have yet to find the Go Organic coupon book.  It has been reported by others to have many coupons including ones for the Knudsen juices.  Please post any additional deals you find in the comments section.

I posted this information now so that you might be able to take advantage of the Double Days.  For the last three days of each month, TRM will be featuring twice as many sale items throughout the store. You'll be able to stock up on the current month's specials and get a head start on next month's great deals. Go here to view the coupon match-ups I posted from last month. 

Among the bulk buy sale items, I thought that the organic bulgar at $1.89 a pound was a decent deal.  I might add a little of it to the pantry for the next time I make tabouli.

RW Knudsen Organic Juice, $2.99 Go to this link for a $1/1 coupon
Nature’s Path Eco-pack cereal, $5.79

Go to this link for a $2 off coupon (wyb Nature’s Path and Organic Valley) and info on how to get Organic Gardening magazine free

Steaz Organic Energy Drink, $6.49 Go here for a free sample.  Coupons sometimes come with freebies in the mail.
Barbara’s Bakery Cheese Puffs, $1.99 Go here to sign up for newsletter and receive special offers, discounts, and maybe coupons.
Barbara’s Bakery Fig Bars, $2.99 Go here to sign up for newsletter and receive special offers, discounts, and maybe coupons.
Organic Valley Soy Milk, $2.99 Go here for $1/1 coupon.

Go to this link for a $2 off coupon (wyb Nature’s Path and Organic Valley) and info on how to get Organic Gardening magazine free

Go here for $1/1 coupon.
Organic Valley Large Brown Eggs, $3.79 Go to this link for a $2 off coupon (wyb Nature’s Path and Organic Valley) and info on how to get Organic Gardening magazine free

Go here for $1/1 coupon.
Lifeway Lowfat Kefir, $2.99 Go here for $1/1 coupon.
Ecover Dishwashing Liquid,
Go here for 75ct/1 coupon.
Seventh Generation Bath Tissues (12pk), $8.99 Go here for $1/1 coupon.
Rice Dream Non-Dairy Novelties, 99cts Go here to sign up for the newsletter and receive a 75ct/1 coupon.
Morningstar Farms Veggie Riblets, $3.49 Go here to sign up for the newsletter and receive coupons and special offers.
Equal Exchange Organic Love Buzz Coffee, $7.99 Go here for $1 off coupon.

Happy Shopping!

Things I learned this week

DSC_0357 If you learned something new this week that you would like to share with readers, please post in the comments section.

  • That the proper way to cook calamari is either hot and fast or low and slow.  If you do somewhere in between, you will end up with tough calamari.  (Not that I cook calamari, but if I ever do, I have stored this in my memory to make sure I do it correctly!)
  • That some Kroger stores are giving a discount for the cloth bags that buyers use.  In Memphis, they gave 3 cts for each bag.  I spoke with the store management here in Knoxville, and they are not participating at this time.  The manager said that to get the stores to participate will take some doing.  If this cause speaks to you in any way, please ask your manager to speak with his or her regional managers to make the suggestion.  The more of us that request such a service, the more likely it will be to happen. 
  • That Angelina Jolie is 34 years old.  I know, I know, not very important stuff, but I would have guessed she was much older than this.  And, Sandra Bullock is 44!  (My aunt was just in a movie with her—yes, I am a proud niece!)  She looks so young!  Can you tell that I was reading cheesy magazines in the hospital with my sister???

This week I didn’t learn any astro-physics and didn’t read War and Peace, but hey, even if you can learn just a few new things each week it is something.  Mostly my “learning” this week came in the form of getting to know my new nephew and being in awe of how beautiful and strong my sister is.  Have a great weekend!

A little light reading

  • Check out the homemade sand box idea here.  I remember how much fun I had with our sand pile when I was growing up (it was a dump truck full of sand since my dad was in construction).  I also remember how much of a mess it was and how the ants loved the pile.  This idea helps to keep the mess down while still letting the kids have their fun.
  • Go here to read reasons for saving.  Why do you save?  I agree with Jenny on the saving so you can give as being a priority for us.  I hope that you are able to save on your purchases with some of the tips and deals that I post.  If for some reason you do not wish to tithe to your church, then think about what other charities and organizations you could help with your time, goods, and monetary donations.  On the subject of tithing, almost every church I have heard about has noticed a reduction in giving related to the recession.  Summer months are usually low times anyway because attendance is lower due to vacations and trips.  Give what you can.
  • Speaking of saving, go here for 47 ways to save money.  If you’ve been on the frugal road for any amount of time, many of these will be familiar.  They are good reminders, though!

Have a great weekend!

Tip of the day

When printing non business documents, change the margins of your page so that you can fit more on each page and save on paper.

Bloomsdays Begin Today

UT Gardens


Are you a gardener?  Enjoy looking at beautiful flowers?  Have a gardener in  your life you need a great gift for?
If so, head over to the  Garden Festival and Marketplace  at The University of Tennessee Gardens
Saturday, June 27 - 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 28 - 11:00 a.m.- to 5:00 p.m.

I’ve been to Bloomsdays in the past and have very much enjoyed the trip.  Go here for more information.

Tickets may also be purchased for $5.25 online at https://web.dii.utk.edu/agstore; click on the “Events” link.
At the gate, tickets will be $6.00. Children under 12 will be admitted free. Tickets are good for one day only. All proceeds will benefit the UT Gardens.

June 26, 2009

Cloth Diapering Discount

Mozie on over to my friend Jennifer’s blog at Coupon Mommie to read about how you can save money on cloth diapers at gDiapers.  Go to this link for all the details.  Thanks for the heads up Jennifer!

Baskin Robbins Coupon

Free Pre-Packed Ice Cream Quart*

Go here for a coupon for a free quart of pre-packed ice cream at Baskin Robbins with a cake purchase of $15 or more.

Free Summer Concerts Knoxville

I heard on the news last night that the summer concerts will continue through September in the Old City.  The following info is from the Historic Old City website.

LETS GET LIVE! Come down to the Old City Courtyard every Thursday evening for Old City Live!  Old City Live is a FREE 13 week concert series that will begin July 2, and will continue every Thursday through the end of September.  Bring your appetite and enjoy some good old southern cooking from your favorite Old City restaurants, right at the stage! All ages welcome!

The Old City Courtyard is located just off E. Jackson Ave. between Barley's and the Southbound Patio.  There is plenty of parking available in the new parking lot located just down the street under under the James White Parkway.

The Old City Live Line Up

Jul 02 2009     8:00P     Mic Harrison & The High Score / JC & The Dirty Smokers

Jul 09 2009     8:00P     Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers / Matt Woods Plan A

Jul 16 2009     8:00P    Paul Thorn / Chuck Norris

Jul 23 2009     8:00P    John Cowan / The Grassabillies

Jul 30 2009     8:00P    The Coal Men / Homer Hart

Aug 06 2009    8:00P    TBA

Aug 13 2009    8:00P    Larry Keel & Natural Bridge / Brendon James Wright

Aug 20 2009    8:00P    Cody McCarver / Kata & The Blaze

Aug 27 2009    8:00P    Blueground Undergrass / Dixie Highway

Sep 03 2009     8:00P    An Evening With The Coveralls

Sep 10 2009     8:00P    The Dirty Guv’nahs / Hightide Blues

Sep 17 2009     8:00P    TBA

Sep 24 2009     8:00P    Cutthroat Shamrock / Honkeytonk’s Anonymous

CVS Deals 6/28-7/4

Go here to view the CVS deals for this coming week.  Unfortunately, the deals didn’t look that spectacular at CVS to me this week.  What do you all think?

Walgreens Deals 6/28-7/4

Go here to view the Walgreens deals and match-ups for this coming week.

What will I be buying?

For us--

  • Right Guard/Dry Idea Deodorant $2.99 get $2 RR
    -$1 Right Guard, Dry Idea or Soft & Dri (exp 6/30/09) SS 4/19/09
    -$1 off 2 Right Guard, Dry Idea, or Soft & Dri SS 5/17/09
  • I might pick up the $1.99 Kellogg’s cereal, using a $1 off coupon. 

For the church--

  • Right Guard/Dry Idea Deodorant $2.99 get $2 RR
    -$1 Right Guard, Dry Idea or Soft & Dri (exp 6/30/09) SS 4/19/09
    -$1 off 2 Right Guard, Dry Idea, or Soft & Dri SS 5/17/09
  • I might work the Nabisco deal.
  • 59ct with in store coupon Chicken of the Sea Tuna

Williams-Sonoma this weekend

Have you ever been to one of Williams-Sonoma’s free technique classes?  I have enjoyed each time I’ve taken one of their classes or seen one of their demonstrations.  Below is the information for the last two events in this series.  I encourage you to call your local store to make sure they are participating before heading over. 

Technique Classes
We’re pleased to offer hour-long technique classes at your
local Williams-Sonoma store. Presented free of charge, each
class is dedicated to a specific topic and led by one of our
culinary experts. Class size is limited, see below for class
descriptions and reservation information.


All American Summer
Sunday, June 28

Get ready for your Fourth of July celebration with this class devoted to barbecue favorites. Learn the difference between barbecuing and grilling, and how to create slow-cooked smoky flavor with ease.

Special Event:

Taste the Best of Summer

Saturday, June 27, 2009, 10 am – 4 pm

Join us for a special tasting event to celebrate summer! Enjoy hourly demonstrations of our latest summer products for seasonal cooking and entertaining, and sample our favorite new summer flavors, including cool drinks, zesty barbecue sauces and our exclusive line of specialty foods from chef Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc restaurant.

There is no need to register in advance for this event. Feel free to join us at any time for Taste the Best of Summer.

Frugal Ways to help a new mother


The photo above is of many generations of hands.  The youngest is of my new nephew, just 5 days old in this photo.  The oldest is the hand of his great grandmother on the bottom.  The hand on top is of his mother, my sister.  The hand on the far right is of his grandfather, my father.

I am posting this with the other Frugal Friday posts at Life as Mom.  If you have any other tips or ideas related to helping a new mother, please add a comment so that all may benefit. 

Frugal Ways to help a new mother:

  • Bring a treat to the nurses station if she has a hospital birth.  I know, I know, I’m leading with a tip for someone else, but hear me out.  I have worked in hospital settings for longer than I care to mention.  Hospital staff are mandated to give individualized care to patients, but unfortunately the hustle and bustle of medical care often leads to the individual getting lost in that process.  Patients become room numbers.  Care becomes when the last meds were given.  Help to give your loved one a name and a face by bringing a treat to the workers AND leaving a note so that the next shift will see it.  “I want to thank you for all you are doing for my sister Myrtle Turtle.  Please accept these homemade cookies on behalf of the family as a token of our appreciation.”
  • Bring the mother something she can eat.  I’m a little amazed at the foods that they bring you in the hospital while encouraging you to breastfeed your baby.  I was served black coffee, broccoli, and caffeinated tea all in the same day when we had our daughter.  Needless to say, I didn’t eat those foods and requested something else.  My sister, who has many food allergies, was still served foods in her allergen groups.  Luckily, she caught the mistakes.  Her friend Rita had brought over a quart of blueberries freshly picked from her garden.  These were fine to keep at room temp and were always handy when my sister wanted a snack.  Remember how hungry you get when you are breastfeeding?
  • Bake the baby a birthday cake.  No, no, don’t feed it to the baby.  My cousin brought one of these to the hospital when we had our daughter, and it was so fun to have a birthday party for her when she was just a few days old.
  • Encourage breastfeeding.  It is both frugal and good for the baby, but it can be tough at first.  I often give new mothers The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and have found it quite helpful in my own experience.  My friend Kristi reminded me when we were having a tough time nursing that the baby is the one who has to learn how to nurse.  I had never thought of it that way, and it helped me to relax and learn the process together.  What if she doesn’t want to breastfeed?  Support her decision.  She doesn’t need you to tell her all the reasons why her choice may not be what you would do. 
  • Give her space but check in often.  Remember how emotional those first few days can be?  Remember how your hormones are wreaking havoc on your body?  Check in but do not stay long (UNLESS she wants for you to).  I remember how exhausted I would get after just a few minutes of visiting but at the same time I wanted visitors. 
  • Be specific in offering help.  I am terrible at accepting help from others: most people in caregiving professions are the same way.  People would ask me what they could do to help, but I didn’t want to ask for help.  Instead, it helps to offer suggestions.  “I have some soup in the freezer that I would like to bring over to help you all out with meals.  Can I bring it by this week or would next week be better?”  If you do bring food, include the ingredients. 
  • Bring the mother something just for her.  My cousin brought a shawl for me when I was in the hospital in case I became cold.  It was a hand-me-down shawl which made it quite frugal.  Think of all those free body washes and lotions you have picked up at the drugstores these last few weeks.  Make those into a pampering gift bag for the mother.
  • Help with older siblings.  If there are older children, bring something just for them.  It can be something as simple as a big brother pin or a box of crayons and coloring pages.  Ask if you can help with their care.  “I’ll be going to the park on Monday with little Susie Q.  Can I pick up Junior and bring him with us to give you some time to rest with the baby?”  Remember to be specific.
  • Don’t forget about her.  Colic often presents itself at about 3 weeks old, and if the baby has it, this can be a very trying time for all.  Check in with the mom around this time to see if you can do anything to help.  Again, be specific in your offering to help.
  • Watch for signs of post partum depression.  If you notice signs, talk with her directly and with her family members about it.  If you have had a personal experience, tell her about it so that she does not feel so alone.  Her partner is probably already concerned and approaching that person will most likely be a relief.  Suggest the partner speak with the midwife or OB about the symptoms.  In addition to whatever the healthcare provider recommends, suggest that she get some fresh air and sunshine, light exercise such as a walk around the house, and that she is taking her multi-vitamin.  Most importantly, make sure that she and the baby are safe.  Lending your ear and being there for her is perhaps the most frugal help you can offer anyone.   Note—all suggestions are given in good faith.  In the case of post partum depression, I encourage you to speak with healthcare providers to help with diagnoses and treatment options. 

“Couponing Stretches Dollars” Coupon Workshop


Are you ready to save hundreds of dollars each month on your groceries? Want to learn how for FREE? My sweet friend Jennifer is leading a coupon workshop in Blount County on Thursday, July 9th.  I highly recommend you attend if you are interesting in learning the ins and outs from an expert—she is awesome!  Below is more information on the workshop:

Jennifer Wilson, of Coupon Mommie, will share some of her smart shopping tactics for saving money on your grocery bill by using coupons. Workshop participants will learn that there are ways to get products for free or even at a profit by simply using coupons effectively. Wilson will also discuss strategies for organizing your coupons and some of the newer resources to making couponing easier.

Please join us at this wonderful workshop to learn how to save an average of 50-75% off retail pricing just by matching coupons.

FREE Admission & Door Prize

Blount County Library
Sharon Lawson Room
508 N Cusick Street
Maryville, TN 37803

Thursday July 9th
7pm – 8:30pm

Email: jennifer@couponmommie.com


Pictured above is a Housewarming Gift Basket that Wilson created using her stockpile. The retail value of all the merchandise is $200 and Wilson only paid $20 out of pocket for all of the items after using coupons.

Rabbit’s Foot BOGO Sale

My friend Rebecca passed on this information for the Rabbit’s Foot shoe store in West Knoxville.  They sell Stride Rites, Pedipeds, Robez Crocs, Keds and more.

The Rabbit's Foot
Children's Shoes and Accessories
Franklin Square - Knoxville

The Rabbit's Foot is running our biggest sale ever!
Buy One, Get One FREE on all in-stock shoes (excluding Keds).
Keds: $15 Each
Sizes and selections are limited; all sales are final.
This sale will last until July 4th.
As always, thank you for your support!

Special Sale Hours
Monday - Wednesday: 11 AM - 4 PM
Thursday & Friday: 11 AM - 7 PM
Saturday (4th of July): 9:30 AM - 3 PM
Phone: (865) 693-5437

Stockpiling, Food Security, and Emergency Preparedness

Background—Food Security is something that was drilled into me as a child.  With the Great Depression, the hard times of the war, and the inflation of the 70s fresh in the minds of my parents and grandparents, we were taught to make sure we had our pantries stocked.  I learned how to garden, preserve foods, and live frugally.  For me and my immediate family, stockpiling just makes sense.  One never knows when someone will fall ill, when there will be a natural disaster, or when a job will be lost. 

A quick example about emergency preparedness from this week—I was on the interstate in the middle of the day in Southern heat.  We were fully stopped in a traffic jam for between 1-2 hours.  I had my 3 year old in the back seat.  I knew we would be fine for a number of reasons:

  • I knew to check the AM radio station 1680 for traffic updates and alternate routes. 
  • I had a map in the car to aid me with alternate routes if needed.
  • The car had plenty of gas in it because I make a habit of not letting it go less than 1/4 of a tank.
  • I had my cell phone charged and phoned my husband to look up information on-line to help me determine how long we would be stopped.
  • I have a full case of water in my car. 

Here are what seem to be the best buys for shelf stable items for stockpiling this week.  Please add a note in the comments section if you see something that I have missed.  There are organic and non-organic items listed without my comments on the health of the foods.  I encourage you to make the decisions on what you buy for your family—make the healthiest decisions you can based on what your budget will allow.  If you do not shop at the stores listed, then I encourage you to leave $1-$5 dollars from  your weekly budget for stockpiling.


  • Bear Naked Granola, on sale $3.99.  Use $1 off coupon.

Prices listed are with 30cts off of each item. These are in the buy 10 get $3 off Mega Sale.

  • Chef Boyardee Pasta Cans or Microwave Cups 70ct ea. There are coupons that would make these as low as 50ct each.
  • Kraft BBQ Sauce  69ct ea.  If you have 75ct off coupons, these are money makers.
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.39 ea.  There are coupons that make these as low as 79 ct each.

Target—This is from the Money Saving Mom site.

  • Get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 4 Lipton Tea Bags (100 ct.) or Iced Tea Mix (10 qt.) priced at $2.50 each
    Use $0.60/1 in 5/17 Red Plum insert or use $1/2 here or here
    $0.65-$0.75 each after coupons and gift card
  • Pace Specialty Salsa--$2.09 each
    Use the $0.50/1 Target printable here
    Stack with the $2/1 in 4/26 Smart Source insert
    Free plus possible overage after coupons

Other items—add a small jug of bleach to your stocks this week.  You can find bleach at Walgreens for $1.39 with in store coupon.  Go here to read more on how to purify untreated water for drinking in the event of an emergency.

Free Chocolate Friday

So you're saying on Friday we'll be free?

Don’t forget that you can click here starting at 9:00am today and register to get one of 250,000 coupons that Mars is giving out for free chocolate every Friday through September!

Limit 4 coupons per household for the duration of the program. Your coupons should arrive in 6-8 weeks. Yummy!

Tip of the day

Reserve the water you have used to wash vegetables, and water outdoor plants with it to save on your water usage.

Daylily Festival Starts Today

Oakes Daylily Farm in Corryton is a fantastic source for daylilies and a wide variety of other perennials. I have bought from them and have always been pleased with the quality and customer service that they offer. If you are interested in a fun outing for your family, I encourage you to attend the annual daylily festival. This year the festival will take place on Friday and Saturday, June 26 & 27, 9 am - 3 pm.-6pm. There is an Acre Display Garden which contains over 1500 Varieties. Refreshments will be served. They are giving a free daylily to every guest. There is also a chance to win one of several $100 daylilies or other prizes. Sounds like a day of fun to me!

June 25, 2009

Another Target deal

picturekaCheck out Mindy’s post here to find out how to get Pictureka for less than $2!  Keep in mind that Target stores vary in pricing.  If you are not going to be in the store for something else, you might want to call ahead to do a price check. 

Organic Printables

Check out this awesome list of organic coupons I found on the BeCentsAble site.  How cool is that?!

Old Navy $5 Swim & Shorts

oldnavy swim


I found the following info on Faithful Provision’s site.  Thanks for the tip!

From Friday, June 26th through Sunday, June 28th Old Navy will have $5 swimsuits and shorts for the family!

According to Hip2Save, if you go to OldNavy.com and click on “Don’t Sweat Your Style” (in the middle bottom of the page), it will pop up a 15% off coupon for you to use!  After the coupon your items will be only $4.25 each!!  I just printed mine!

Quiznos Coupons

Go here to print coupons for Quiznos subs.  Happy Dining!

Walgreens On-line Coupon

Healthy Summer Savings $15 OFF orders of $60 or more includes sale-priced items, too! Enter coupon code TWODAYS at checkout thru Friday, June 26*


Go here to read more about the $15/$60 Walgreens coupon.  Use coupon code TWODAYS to receive the discount.  Free shipping is also available on orders of $50 or more (your subtotal must equal $50 to be eligible). 

Movies at the Library, Knoxville

Did you know that there is another source of free movies in Knoxville? The Burlington Branch Library offers free children’s movies every Friday at 2pm. It looks like other library locations have movie times in July, too!

In June, they'll be watching Reading Rainbow movies based on some of our favorite children's books. After the movie, make sure to stick around for a fun activity! Go here for more details.

Tip of the day

Always clean out the lint from your dryer before use. This allows it to run more efficiently, which costs less money.

Kuumba Festival begins today

Drummers from the group Kuumba Watoto march into Market Square at the conclusion of their parade down Gay Street on Friday. The parade kicked off the start of the Kuumba Festival 2008.

Thursday, June 25th Knoxville Museum of Art

KUUMBA FESTIVAL KICKOFF 5 PM - 9 PM @ THE KNOXVILLE MUSEUM OF ART—The Taste of Africa, featuring "A Taste of Africa Buffet;" artist exhibits, featuring: Live Jazz band, Kuumba Watoto Drum and Dance Company, Spoken Word Café, and hands-on arts and crafts. ADMISSION: $10.00

Friday, June 26th JUNKANU Parade on Gay Street and Market Square / World Grotto

10 AM ~ 3 PM Youth Arts Extravaganza to be programmed at Market Square.6 PM JUNKANU PARADE Starting on Gay Street, this parade will feature festival participants, the original Free Spirit Stilt Walkers, Kuumba Watoto Dance and Drum Company , churches , and community groups who strut , drum, and dance and will culminate with a live concert on Market Square.

Saturday and Sunday, June 27th and 28th Chillhowee Park

SATURDAY, June 27th — CHILHOWEE PARK - Gates open at 11 AM until 10 PM. Admission is $5.00 before 5 PM; $10.00 after 5 PM. Children 6yrs. and under FREE. Come and enjoy the African Market Place with traditional crafts, clothing, and foods; the World Children's Village; and two entertainment stages. From 3 PM - 5 PM, stop by and visit the Knoxville Zoological Garden's Petting Zoo (Children's World Village). The Community Health Pavilion (located near the Children’s Village)


SUNDAY, JUNE 28TH — CHILHOWEE PARK Gates open at 12 noon until 9 PM. Admission is $5.00 before 4 PM; $10.00 after 4 PM. Children 6yrs. and under FREE. Come and relish in the African Market Place as the early afternoon brings forth the Gospel with GOSPEL IN THE PARK.

Also featuring a live recording artist performance at 7 PM.

For more information call: 865-546-9705

June 24, 2009

Walgreens Curling Iron $1.99

Head on over to Thrifty Mama's blog to find out how to get a curling iron for a couple of bucks. I could kick myself for throwing this coupon booklet away from Walgreens. It just goes to show that it doesn't hurt to keep the coupons until they have expired--you never know when a deal like this will roll around.

Diabetes & You

When you are in Wagreens next, you might want to pick up your free copy of Diabetes & You magazine. Go to Southern Savers site here to read the list of coupons that are available in the magazine. Happy Savings!

Printable Coupons

Go to the Simple and Delicious site here to print coupons for Hebrew National hot dogs, Marie Callender's Pasta Al Dente, and Crunch and Munch. Happy Savings!

Stride Rite Sale

Stride Rite is having their summer clearance sale with up to 60% off of select styles in store only. Go here to find a store near you. My sister loves this store for shoes for her boys, and she always gets excited when these sales come around. Happy Shopping!

Blogging Manners

Head over to Coupon Mommie's post here to read more about the etiquette around blogging posts. If I find out the information on my own, then you will not see a "thank you" on my post. Most of the time, though, you'll see little notes of appreciation for the bloggers who helped to get the information out there for all to benefit. Also, I really, really appreciate it when I see that others have linked to me--so much so that I border on the line of doing a happy dance when I see a link back to me. Sharing the bloggy love is great because the more of us that are helping to get the info on coupons, freebies, and sales out there, the more money we can all save! Thanks Jennifer for this great post!

Coupon Preview 6/28

Living on More for Less has the coupon preview up for this coming Sunday. Go here to check it out. There look to be some good ones headed our way!

A few freebies

I haven't had a chance to complete a full listing of freebies this week yet, but here are a few to get you started.

Go to Walmart.com to get free samples of Nicoderm, Aveeno, Sun Crystals, Kotex, Carefree, Playtex, and a free track off of the new Mandy Moore album.

Go here to get a free sample of Triple Flex Soft Gels from Nature Made. Thanks to Money Saving Mom for this freebie info!

Go to Snapfish here. If you are new to sign up they are giving 50 free prints and a personalized photo item. You will still have to pay taxes and shipping. Thanks again Money Saving Mom!

Go here to sign up for a free 2 year subscription to Parents magazine. Thanks Coupon Cravings!

Tomorrow (6/25) go here to get a free quart of Glidden paint. I cannot remember where I first saw this info to credit a blogger--so thanks to everyone!

Hardees 6 pack biscuit holes

Go here to print a coupon for a free 6 pack of biscuit holes with the purchase of any breakfast combo at Hardees. I know a certain sweet man in my life who will like seeing this deal.

Knoxville Area Farmers Markets

Support your local farmers, save money, and eat healthy--attend a farmers market near you!
Check out these farmers markets in the Knoxville area. If you know of others in our area, please post details in the comments section. If you are outside of the East TN area check this website to find a farmers market near you.

Laurel Church of Christ Parking Lot
Tuesdays and Fridays 3 to 6 PM
1111 Kingston Pike,
Knoxville, TN.

New Harvest Park
Thursdays 3 to 6 PM
111 New Harvest Ln.,
Knoxville, TN.

Market Square Farmers Market
Wednesday & Saturday
May 2 -November 21, 2009
Wednesday 11a-2p
Saturday 9a-2p
Market Square
Downtown Knoxville, TN

Dixie Lee Farmers Market
Saturday Mornings 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
12740 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN

Tip of the day

Cut dryer sheets in half to reduce costs. Try dryer balls if you do not want to use sheets.

Our Moms.com

If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you have seen me talk about how nice the Knoxmoms.com website is. Do you know that there are sites associated with Knoxmoms in other cities? The MidSouthMoms.com site, for instance, is very helpful when I am traveling to see family in Memphis and want some ideas of kid friendly activities. Check out Ourmoms.com here to find an associated site near you. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find the search.

Chick-fil-A Knoxville

Head on over to Coupon Katie's site to find out the details of customer appreciation activities at some Chick-fil-A restaurants in Knoxville.

Shoney's Coupon

Traveling some this summer? You might want to print this coupon. When you buy an adult meal at Shoney's, the coupon makes the kids meal, including drink and dessert, free. The coupon is good through 7/15/09.
Thanks Moms Need to Know for the info!

Another Target Deal

When you run into Target for your cheap ice cream, stop by the dollar section to see if they have any Rayovac alkaline batteries for sale. They are priced for $1 each, and there is a $1 Rayovac coupon in the 6/21 SS (coupons could be regional). While I encourage folks to use rechargeable batteries, it is nice to have some alkalines in your emergency kits. Thanks Moms Need to Know for the info!

June 23, 2009

Edy's for cheap

Like ice cream? Who doesn't right? There are reports that at some Target stores the small container of Edy's ice cream is selling for $1.19. If you go here and print the $1/1 Target coupon, you could get the ice cream for only 19cts! There are no print limits on Target coupons, but please save some at the stores for the rest of us gals. Target stores vary in pricing--if you are not already going in for something else, call ahead to do a price check. Thanks Thrifty Mama for the scoop! (Pun definitely intended!)