September 21, 2009

Independence Days Update

We participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.   This is our weekly update.  I didn’t make it to the garden as much as I would have liked this week. 

Plant Something—nothing planted

Harvest Something—Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green beans, okra, green onions, onions, rosemary, figs

Preserve—I made up 6 pounds of black beans and froze about 5 pounds

Prep/Storage—We added cheese, chocolate chips, and pasta to storage.  I did a little weeding.

Reduce Waste—Made tomato juice for my dad to use up a lot of tomatoes at once.  Brought back recyclables from Memphis so that they wouldn’t end up in the trash.  Used leftovers while there.  Packed lunches for our trip rather than going out to eat for lunch.  I’ve noticed so many more people picnicking at rest areas in recent times. 

Building Community Food Systems—I’m planning a canning class, mozzarella and yogurt class, and couponing class. 

Eat the food—Ahh, to have a husband that brings me fresh figs in the morning!  Having a few ripened figs while in Memphis was the highlight of the food this week for me. 

I made some yummy cilantro rice and we devoured it before I could get a photo for the blog.  The basic recipe is—2 c. cooked basmati rice, 1 small bunch of cilantro chopped, 3 T. coconut oil, 1 T. lime, salt and pepper.  We ate ours with black beans, homemade salsa, and sweet potatoes on the side. 

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