September 28, 2009

A Lazy Day

DSC_9550 I’ve had one of the best days today.  All of the windows are open in the house blowing a cool breeze throughout—how I love fall!  I was able to sleep a little later than usual (7:15am before the “rooster” daughter pounced).  I’ve barely done any housework and have been able to work on my presentation for tonight and play on the computer.  I probably should stop playing on the computer and do a little housework… maybe. Our daughter has been pleasantly occupied with art projects, puzzles, counting projects, and pretend play.  She’s been in a terrific mood.  I haven’t needed to prepare supper because I doubled a recipe a week or so ago and have it ready to put in the oven.  I have fresh bread baking for the potluck at the meeting tonight, and its scent mixed with the crispness of fall makes me so happy.  When I go downstairs in the house, I can’t help but grin from ear to ear at the sight of my food storage.  We harvested our potatoes last night from 4 potato boxes, and they are drying on the counter in the downstairs kitchen next to the stores of butternut squash.  There are purple, red, and yellow potatoes of all shapes and sizes (really, there were some weird shapes that one would never see in a grocery store).  My muscles are sore today, making me grateful for my body and the work that it provided me yesterday in the garden.  Funny how pain and illness can sometimes make you appreciate your body even more, huh?  One of my closest friends had her baby yesterday, and I’m feeling all of the warm and fuzzies that come along with that.  I’m wearing a homemade necklace that another close friend made me for my birthday, and I’m feeling very appreciative of the wonderful people I have in my life. It has been a very good day. 

I’m feeling so blessed and grateful!  What have you been delighting in today? 

(The photo above is of our potato boxes when they were first planted.  As the potatoes grow, you add tiers to the boxes and hill the plants with soil and mulch to increase their yield.  This was our first year planting in boxes, and we’ll most likely do so again next year.  The yield wasn’t quite as high as we had hoped, but it was still much larger than it would have been if we planted in traditional trenches and hills). 

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  1. i dont get the whole box thing...i am an avid gardener, tell me your secret with the potatoes!!

    ♥ ac