September 19, 2009

A little light reading

  • Go here to learn how to make homemade microwave popcorn with a brown paper bag and popcorn.
  • Check out this post—do you have gaps in your stockpile storage?  Be sure to read all of the comments!
  • These crayon mixers make great little gifts for kids.  My cousin did some heart shaped ones for her daughters to add to their Valentine’s for their classmates.
  • Go here for some ideas on using less meat and reducing the cost of  your groceries.  We have at least one supper a week that is meatless and do a lot of the stretching idea that she proposes.  Because we prefer to buy local and organic, we are able to save money by using less and not wasting. 
  • Go here for 3 Unconventional Ways to Fight the Flu.

Have a great weekend!

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