October 19, 2009

Independence Days Update

We participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.   This is our weekly update. 

Plant—Nothing in the ground this week.  It was rainy most of the week.  I was in Memphis over the weekend helping with my grandmother’s care.  Most of what was accomplished this week is thanks to my sweet husband and daughter.

Harvest—Green Beans, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes from our garden.  It looks like they might have collected some more walnuts too. Hubby and daughter harvested eggs while caring for a friend’s chickens while she was away.  I brought persimmons back from Memphis.  My aunts and uncles had visited from Texas and brought the larger variety of persimmons from the trees on the homestead there.

Preserve—Chicken broth and butternut squash soup

Reduce Waste—We continue our energy reduction, recycling, and composting efforts.   I brought back the recycling from my trip to Memphis. I  packed my food for the trip to reduce the need to pick up something on the way.  Hubby and daughter picked up sticks and small limbs from the yard to use to make fires.  We haven’t turned on the heater yet even though it is a lot colder this year than it was last year at this time. 

Prep/Storage—Hubby brought the split firewood up from what we call the “lower 40” to dry under shelter of the back porch.  I’ll ask him to make the first of the fires tonight.  I didn’t shop this week for anything other than a few necessities so nothing was added to the stockpile. 

Building Community Food Systems—I made up some boxes for the food pantry before I left for Memphis.  We have a tamale making day planned for our church on October 31st.  I brought some butternut squash from our garden to share with family in Memphis. 

Eat the Food—I made some yummy chicken and rice soup this weekend in Memphis.  My dad has been going full force in taking care of my grandmother and hasn’t had anyone taking care of him.  I sat him down to a simple meal of tuna fish sandwiches, chicken and rice soup, and dressed salad greens and he said, “This is real food.”  It did my heart good to see how much he appreciated the meal.  I tend to believe that soup heals the heart.  ;)

Looking back at the list there isn’t much to it this week.  Oh well, I guess some are just going to be like that. 

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