October 26, 2009

Meal Planning Monday

Whew, last week was busy, but this week is scheduled to be even more so.  The following is our schedule for the week’s meals. 

Breakfasts—bagels and cream cheese, soaked oatmeal, cheese toast, yogurt and fruit

Lunches—sandwiches, leftovers, soups, snack lunches


Monday—Last night we enjoyed an impromptu dinner with friends at their lovely home.  They have a special recipe for spaghetti sauce that they make, and they sent us home with some of the leftovers.  Tonight I’ll boil some whole wheat pasta and heat the sauce for our meal.  I’ll serve slices of homemade mozzarella and garlic bread on the side.

Tuesday—Hot dogs and slaw.  I’m having a get together later in the evening and will be serving a dessert buffet.

Wednesday—I’ll be preparing the meal for the children’s program at church.  Last week there were almost 30 children there, and so I’ll be planning on feeding at least that many again this week.  We will serve “snakes”—lunchmeat and cheese rolled in crescent rolls, shaped and decorated like a snake.  We’ll also have crocodile teeth (apple slices), fingers (carrot sticks), and if I can get a good deal, eyeballs (grapes).  We’ll make trees in lava (broccoli in cheese sauce) as another vegetable side dish.  The kids will have a scoop of ice cream as a special treat in honor of Halloween for dessert.

Thursday—Red beans and sausage.

Friday—Vegetable meal—sweet potatoes, green beans from the freezer, turnip greens from the garden, and cranberry beans.

Saturday—Homemade chili with all of the fixings.  We’ll make salt dough ghosts as a special craft for Halloween.

Sunday--Borscht from the freezer with yogurt instead of sour cream.  If I get a chance, I’ll bake some bread to go with it.

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