October 24, 2009

Saving Money on Healthy Foods—Part 5

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Today the focus is on liquid and water intake. 

How to drink more fluids:

  • Realize that when  you wake up in the morning you have been fasting for many hours.  Start your day with one large glass of water to rehydrate you.
  • Add flavoring to your water.  I like to put a few tablespoons of cranberry juice cocktail in my water to add a pleasant flavor.  Lemon and lime juices are also nice—just remember to drink citrus flavored drinks through a straw to reduce the impact that the acid will have on your tooth enamel.  In the summertime, I enjoy adding some sliced cucumbers to the water for a refreshing drink.
  • Enjoy foods that have more water in them.  Foods like soups are both inexpensive and nutritious. 


How to save money when purchasing liquids:

  • Make teas and water your drinks of choice.  Not only do drinks like green tea add some healthy antioxidants to your diet, but they also are inexpensive compared to bottled sodas or juices.  If making hot teas, reuse your tea bags or leaves to save a little money.
  • Don’t go for bottled.  Bottled water is not only a nuisance to the environment, but it is also crazy expensive.  Opt for your own container that is BPA free and use a water filter on your tap.  Make a habit of grabbing one of these containers whenever you are heading out the door for errands or work.
  • If your family chooses to drink mixed beverages like Kool-aid, add your own sugar and use the small packages so that you can adjust the amount of sugar and water yourself. 
  • Use coupons for teas, juices, and drink mixes.  Couple them with a sale and you’ll get a good deal. 
  • Break the soda habit.  If you decide that sodas are something you cannot give up, learn how to make your own.  At least then, you will be able to control the ingredients. 

What other ideas do readers have for increasing your liquid intake?  Please add any tips to the comments section so that all readers may benefit.

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