October 31, 2009

Tip of the day

Halloween tips--

  • Dress you and your children in reflective clothing when trick or treating tonight.  If possible visit neighbors during the daylight hours, but remember that it is often just as hard to see when driving at dusk.  Wear reflective gear regardless of the time of day. 
  • When walking along the road, walk facing traffic so that you can see cars coming and can easily get out of their way. 
  • Inspect the candy that your children receive from others before letting them eat it, especially if your children have allergies of any kind. 
  • Before going out to trick or treat, discuss the rules that you and your partner have for your children—what are the manners you want your children to have when asking for candy?  No running across the street.  Holding hands when on the road. 
  • Also discuss how much candy you will let them enjoy each night or day.  A friend doles out the candy a little each day after Halloween, and another allows her children to enjoy all they want on Halloween and then they donate the rest the next day.
  • If you are driving tonight, be especially alert and aware that children will be out and about.  If you are tired or incapacitated in any way, call someone to drive you home. 
  • Most importantly be safe and have fun!

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