November 16, 2009

Independence Days Update

We participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.   This is our weekly update.

Plant—Nothing planted this week.

Harvest—Yellow and red onions, parsley, turnip greens.

Preserve—Saved butternut squash seeds.  Froze butternut squash puree (will use later for muffins).  Froze more chopped green onions.

Reduce Waste—We continue our energy reduction, recycling, and composting efforts.  My cousin passed some hand-me-downs to our daughter.  We donated some blood glucose meters to local organizations that work with seniors.

Prep/Storage—I stocked up on a few toiletry items, olive oil, flour, honey, organic apples, teas, and eco-friendly toothbrushes.  Hubby planed the wood this week and the walnut is absolutely beautiful, really too beautiful to be used outside.  He’s contemplating making some furniture with it and possibly consigning some at a local woodworking shop. 

Building Community Food Systems—I made up a couple of boxes for the food pantry, and this week we’ll be putting together multiple holiday boxes for those who visit the pantry the rest of November and December.  I made a huge pot of soup with 95% local ingredients or those from our garden.  I fed our family a few times with the soup, brought some to Memphis to feed my family there, and then had supper with my cousin last night and brought the soup there.  I still have a little left over that I will share with a friend coming for a visit tomorrow.  I picked up the pecans that I mentioned last week and have been distributing them. 

Eat the Food—I enjoyed bringing some “real” food for my family in Memphis this weekend.  It was my father’s birthday, and I delighted in picking a “mess” of greens to bring to him as his present.  (All Southerners will know what I mean by a “mess of greens”.  For the rest of the folks, it means a huge amount and the perfect amount to eat).  I have enjoyed the soup so much, if for no other reason than the pride factor.  It is so nice to know that so much of that food was grown and preserved by our hands. 

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