November 20, 2009

Response to a reader—Need help finding resources in Grainger County

A reader left a comment today asking about any food co-ops or CSAs that are present in Grainger County, TN.  If any of you know of one, will you please leave a comment to this post with the information?  Since she mentioned a limited weekly budget, I thought I’d post the information on Angel Food Ministry below.  They have a number of options for families, and they recently offered a Thanksgiving box.  My guess would be that they would offer another holiday box option in December for Christmas and Hanukah.  The Angel Food Ministry often is hosted by local churches in both rural and urban settings.  This is some information I posted earlier this year:

Do you know about the Angel Food Ministry? Local organizations and churches serve as host sites where people can place and pick up orders each month. The food items in each box vary from month to month. Those ordering this month have a choice of a regular, senior/convenience, allergen-free, and/or seafood box. In addition, there are special boxes of which you can choose whether or not to add to your order. Since the boxes vary from $25-$30, and the specials range from $21-$23, Angel Food can be a very economical way to feed your family. While the website says that the food will feed a family of 4 for a week, you could stretch it further if you have a smaller family or one with young children. Angel Food Ministry is open to anyone, and they now accept food stamps along with other payment options.
For more details about the Angel Food Ministry in general go here Faith United Methodist, our home church, is a host site, but you can search based on your zip code for other locations. Orders are due by noon on Monday, May 11th. Pick up is Saturday, May 16th from 10:30-11:30am. It is recommended that you bring a basket, cooler, or large box to help carry the items home.

I hope this is in some way helpful.  If I hear of any more options, I’ll post them as an update here. Thanks!

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