November 24, 2009

Stockpiling, Emergency Preparedness, and Food Security

Wondering why you are seeing this post on a couponing site?  View my posts here and here to find out why I believe these issues are important.

Stockpiling-- Here are the weekly “best buys” I found for adding to your stockpile (therefore the list is mostly of shelf stable items or toiletries).  Some of the stores are regional.  If you do not have a store listed in your area, or if you do not eat the items mentioned, then consider taking $1-$5 from your weekly grocery budget to use for building your stockpile. 

If you find some deals I missed, please post in the comments section. The scenarios are from the websites I’ve linked for the sales and match-ups.


  • Go here for info on how to get Vanity Fair bowls or plates free.  Some people say they’ve had trouble with this, but my transaction went through without any problems.
  • Campbells Tomato Soup $0.59 each after in-ad coupon
    Use $0.50/2 printable coupon
    Pay $0.68 for two after coupons
  • Tic Tacs $0.99 after in-ad coupon
    Use $1/1 coupon from 9/20 RP insert (if Tic Tac Chill included in sale)
    FREE after coupons
  • Nabisco Crackers 5/$10, Earn a $3 RR when you spend $10
    Use $1/1 Nabisco Cracker coupon from 11/8 SS
    $1/1 Nabisco Ritz Crackers printable coupon
    $1/2 Nabisco Crackers on Smartsource
    $1/2 Nabisco Crackers Printable coupon
  • Deal Idea:
    Buy Five Boxes of Nabisco Crackers (mix and match)
    Use five $1/1 coupons from 11/8 SS insert or $1/1 Nabisco Ritz Crackers printable coupon
    Pay $5 out of pocket and get $3 RR back.
    If you do this deal twice you could then submit for Kraft Rebate: Get $10 back when you buy ten boxes Nabisco Crackers
  • Dinty Moore and Hormel Chili 99ct each.  Use $2/3 coupon.


  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce $0.88
    Use $1/2 tearpads found at various stores
    Pay $0.76 cents for two after coupon
  • Kleenex Facial Tissue $0.99
    Use $0.50/3 from the 11/1 SS insert
    Use $1 off coupon from the $100 CVS Flu Booklet
    FREE after coupon

Target (make note of printable coupon system change)

  • Del Monte Canned Vegetables (14-15 oz) - $0.45/ea
    Use $1/8 11/15 Red Plum insert
    Use $1/6 Target coupon here
    Final Price = $0.20/ea when you buy 8
  • Swanson Chicken Broth (14 oz cans) - $0.49/ea
    Use $0.35/4 in 11/8 Smart Source insert
    Final Price = $0.40/ea when you buy 4
  • Campbell's Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (14 oz) - $0.49/ea
    Use $0.25/4 in 11/8 Smart Source insert
    Final Price = $0.43/ea when you buy 4
  • Heinz Gravy - $0.79/ea
    Use $1/2 in 11/1 Smart Source insert or $1/3 here
    Final Price =$0.29-0.46/ea
    Note: Save $2 on a Butterball Turkey when you buy 5 Heinz Gravy or Stove Top Stuffing here

Kroger (Atlanta/Knoxville area)--

  • Use this 50ct/1 coupon for free Dole Pineapple or Mandarin Oranges (Thanks Coupon Mommie!)
  • Use this 50ct/1 coupon for free Annie’s Homegrown macaroni and cheese.  Thanks Kristi!
  • Kroger Value Sugar 4 lb, $1.89
  • Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding Mixes .6-6oz $1 ea
    -.50/2 Jell-O Boxed Gelatin printable
    -.50/2 Jell-O Gelatins Kraft Food & Family Sept ‘09
  • Campbell’s Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom Soup 75¢ ea
    -.25/4 Campbell’s Cooking Soups SS 11/8
    -$1/5 Campbell’s Cooking Soups SS 10/11, 9/20
    -$1/4 Campbell’s “Great for Cooking” soups printable
  • Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent 24-32, 34 ld $2.50 ea
    -$1/2 Purex Liquid Detergent, Any SS 10/04
    -.55/1 Purex Liquid Fabric Softener, SS 10/4
    -.35/1 Purex Liquid Detergent, SS 10/4
    -$1 off Purex Natural Elements Any printable (IE) or printable (FF)

Three Rivers Market/Co-op Advantage Stores—The local Three Rivers Market store has organic russet potatoes 5 lb bag for $3.49 this week. 

  • Organic Thompson Raisins $2.49/lb
    Good price
  • Organic Green Lentils, $1.29/lb
    Good price
  • Organic Valley Butter, $3.99 (while not a shelf stable item, per se, I thought I’d mention this one because the price is great for organic butter)
    Go here for $1/1 coupon
    $1/1 coupon in the Mambo Sprouts Coupon Book
  • Back to Nature Crackers, $2.29
    Look in the Earth Fare Holiday Savings coupon book for a $1/1 coupon.
    Go here for a $1/1 coupon
  • Annie’s Homegrown Pasta and Cheese Dinner, 99cts
    $1/2 Annie’s Calendar Coupon
    Go here to sign up for the free Annie’s calendar and coupons to be mailed to your home.  Go here for 50ct/1 coupon.


Ingles—Stop in for some inexpensive Marcal Tissues with the free/$1/1 coupon.  Use the $2/1 bathroom tissue coupon that expires on 11/30 to get bathroom tissue for 48cts. (NOTE—not all Ingles stores carry the Marcal brand—call ahead if you want to make sure they are there).

  • Idahoan Instant Potatoes 4 oz, $1 ea
    -.40/1 Idahoan potatoes printable (makes it 20¢)
    -.75/3 Idahoan potatoes printable (sign in)
  • Starkist Chunk Light Tuna pouch 2.6 oz, $1 ea
    -.50/1 Starkist pouch product printable (makes it FREE)
    -$1/2 Starkist pouch RP 10/11
    -$1/2 Starkist Lunch to go or pouch RP 9/20
  • Duncan Hines cake mix 18.25 oz, 98¢ ea
    -.55/2 Duncan Hines mixes SS 10/11

Emergency Preparedness—Since this week tends to be the largest for travel in the U.S.  I recommend that you check your car kits to make sure you have emergency supplies that might be needed.  Go here for a list of suggested items from Safely Gathered In.

Food Security—How good at making food stretch are you?  What happens when you are hosting friends for dinner only to discover that 5 extra people show up?  What about when your grocery budget is limited and you have to feed your family with just a few ingredients?   Has the skill of making food stretch and feed extra hungry bellies been taught to you?  Have you learned it through necessity?  This week, as you prepare what is one of the largest meals for families in our country, I encourage you to ask yourself how you might stretch the meal.  Doing so is good for  your pocket book and for Mother Earth. 

What are some ways to stretch your holiday foods?  The first is to not waste anything.

  • Use the ham bone to season beans for another meal.  The bits of meat will fall off of the bone as it simmers in the pot.  If you give your dog bones, save the larger ham bone for him or her.
  • Use the turkey carcass for soup or to make broth to freeze for another time. 
  • Reserve the liquids from canned corn, peas, and green beans if not using them in your recipe.  These can be frozen and used later for soups.
  • Compost kitchen scraps (no meat or fat) so that your garden will have the nutrients from what would normally be thrown away. 

Another idea is to use “fillers”--

  • If you do not have the funds to purchase a turkey this year, use canned or fresh chicken or turkey breast (bake and shred fresh chicken or turkey first) in your dressing.  Many caterers do this instead of serving a bird because there is less chance for the bird to dry out and it costs significantly less. 
  • Use rice, corn bread, stuffing mix, potatoes or beans when serving meats so that you use less meat per person. 
  • Use more vegetables this year.  My sister recently purchased sweet potatoes at  39cts/lb (nonorganic).  When vegetable prices are lower, serving more side dishes and having a smaller bird is more budget friendly. 

Remember “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”. 

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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