November 18, 2009

Tip of the day

Since the busy holiday season is approaching, I thought you all might like some inexpensive and eco-friendly ideas for alternatives to wrapping paper.

  • Reuse your children’s art to wrap presents.  This is a big hit with the grandparents!
  • Alternative paper options such as newspaper (funny papers, stock papers for people who do banking or investment work, etc), magazines and pretty prints, re-used calendar pages and prints, old maps, old patterns for the person in the family who sews, old blueprints for the architect or engineer in the family, etc
  • Many retailers now sell brands of wrapping paper that is made of recycled paper.
  • Reuse--gift bags, tissue paper (I once knew a lady who would even iron her old tissue paper--a little too far for me), ribbons, ornaments, etc
  • Use cloth and real ribbon as options which can more easily be reused.  If no one in your family collects the boxes and materials that can be reused at your holiday gatherings, make that your task this year. 
  • Check out thrift stores and garage sales throughout the year for baskets on sale which can be used for all sorts of holiday gifts. 
  • Wrap-n-mats on the Frontier co-op website sells pre-made cloth bags, which are fun to track over the course of the bag's lifetime.  These would also be easy enough to make if you are crafty. 
  • Mothering magazine recently posted a note in their effort to become more eco-friendly that they've made the switch to paper packing tape (masking tape) instead of plastic tape.  I have some I'm still using, but I thought when I run out that I'll make an effort to buy paper.

Add to the list.  What ideas have you used?  What have you seen in magazines?


  1. i have been doing the funny paper wrap for a long time, my aunt taught me its neat to read all the jokes...maybe you can use an old shirt for small gifts?

    ♥ ac

  2. Just saw this in the latest Martha Stewart Living: use old glass jars--surround the gift with shredded paper, etc., spray paint the lid. Not so great for sending through the mail, but cute for gifts that you give in person.