November 23, 2009

Tip of the day

Since many of you will be transporting dishes to and from your Thanksgiving destination, I thought these tips might be helpful.   These are a few I picked up when catering events:

  • If you’d like to keep a dish warm, use a cooler.  Store the dish in the cooler, wrapping it with towels to help insulate it even more.  Use well tightened water bottles with hot water in them to help keep the cooler warm.
  • When wrapping foods with plastic wrap, wrap on the top first.  Then take a long piece and lay it on the counter.  Put your dish on top and pull the plastic up over the top of the dish to seal it in.  This helps prevent spillage—works like a charm!
  • If you would like to keep dishes cold in a cooler for longer transport, ice may not be ideal.  It might melt and leak into your foods.  Instead, freeze a container 2/3 full of water for a few nights.  The container will help to prevent spillage and the hunk of ice will help to keep your foods cold.  When I’m traveling to Memphis, I’ll often pull a container of soup from the freezer.  It will keep the other foods cold, and I’ve also brought something to help with the meals when visiting.

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