November 24, 2009

When you know that your daughter listens to you…

Today, we are taking care of a friend’s daughter.  She is one of my daughter’s best friends, and they have been playing beautifully together.  They just sat down to lunch, and I listened to their conversation while I was cooking in the kitchen. 

Friend, “I really like these placemats you have, they are cool.”

My daughter, “Do you have some like them?  They are new.”  Note—they are not new, we’ve had them for a few years now, but everything is “new” to my daughter.

Friend, “No, we don’t have any like them.”

My daughter replied with a scream of exclamation, “Your mommy can get you some at the store, they were FREE!” 

Yes, she is a daughter of a couponer!!  ;)

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