December 28, 2009

Independence Days Update

We participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.   This is our weekly update. 

Plant—Nothing planted this week.  I doubt I’ll plant anything outside until late January or early February. 

Harvest—Beet greens for salad, turnip greens for Christmas Day, herbs and onions

Preserve—Turkey broth for the freezer from the turkey bones from Christmas dinner. 

Reduce Waste—My father stayed with us for a few days last week.  While he doesn’t compost or recycle at his home, I’m pleased that he took part while at our house.  Maybe we’ll convert him yet!  We have been using all of the leftovers from Christmas dinner so that nothing goes to waste.  We packed away the ribbons, bows, boxes and bags from presents we received to be used for other gift giving occasions.  My aunt has been working hard on cleaning out her closet.  She passed another bag of clothes to me, and since some of the sweaters were wool (I can’t wear wool), I shared them with my sister.  I’m loving all of these “new” clothes I’ve been receiving.

Prep/Storage—My hubby pulled the stump of a very old and very dead crabapple tree.  He is going to save some of the trunk to dry in hopes of turning it.  The wood is a bit gnarled which usually makes for an interesting looking turned piece.  With all the wood we’ve been blessed with lately, he hasn’t had a need to purchase any yet.  Hubby made a couple of honey dippers out of olive wood for my cousins.  We commissioned a friend to make two homemade honey pots, and the dippers and pots went over very well. 

Hubby has measured the chimney and is now off buying a cap to place on top of it.  We had a bit of water leak down the chimney a few weeks back. 

A few weeks back I told you all that I bought out Germantown/East Memphis in Ecotrin working the Walgreens deal there.  My father ended up with a couple of years supply of low dose aspirin.  When he packed for the trip to Knoxville, however, he forgot his Ecotrin!  Much to my dismay, when I searched our medicine cabinets and first aid kits we did not have any aspirin!  I like to keep it on hand for our emergency supplies and have no idea where I have put it.  My cousin had given me some more coupons, and so I used those to replenish our stock and gave another bottle to my father. 

Building Community Food Systems—I was so happy to have so many homemade items for our holiday celebrations.  We had pepper jelly and onion relish that we brought to a party we attended.  I gave jars of pears, jams, jellies, relishes, and pickled foods as gifts.  We had corn and other foods that we had preserved over the summer as part of our feast.  We had local milk, eggs, and sweet potatoes.  We felt so blessed! 

A friend from Indiana dropped in for a quick visit and brought a sweet cream pie (at least that is what I think she called it).  It was from bakery that is in Columbus—I’ll try to get the name so that people can visit if they are in the area.  It was the flakiest of crusts and the most delicious pie!  The fact that she knew I would like to have something that was locally made and brought it all the way to TN even though she already had a car load full of other stuff to bring meant so much to me.

Also in this category, I checked our church food pantry and sorted a few donated items there.  We will be making breakfast for the United Methodist Men next Saturday, and I’ve begun the preparation for that. 

Eat the Food—Our Christmas dinner was a special one.  I think that my husband counted 20 dishes in total including the desserts!  I haven’t had to cook lunches or suppers in days!

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