December 14, 2009

Meal Planning Monday

Hello everyone!  I’m hoping your Monday morning is going well thus far.  I made a trip to the doctor’s office this morning with our daughter.  Luckily, she only has an upper respiratory infection and should be on the mend soon.  Today, my posts are running a bit behind.

I’ve included our meal plan below. 

Why plan meals? 

  • Because I make most of our meals with whole ingredients, there is a bit of preparation needed.  Last week, for instance I made venison tenderloin, roasted acorn squash, and kale.  The venison is a 3 day process.  The first night I take it out of the freezer and defrost it.  The second day I brine it to help get the gamey taste out.  The third day I marinade and roast it.  If I didn’t plan ahead, I would not get it out of the freezer when needed. 
  • When I find a deal on organic meat or poultry, I pick up extras.  Most of our meat for our meals is pulled from the freezer.  Since I do not like to defrost meat in the microwave, I put it in the refrigerator overnight.  If I didn’t plan our meals, we wouldn't have the meat ready when it was needed.
  • Planning our meals makes sure we have what we need on hand.  I rarely have to make last minute trips to the grocery store to prepare food.
  • I plan out a week’s worth of meals, but we rarely need to cook all of them.  We usually have leftovers for lunches and at least one night a week for supper. 
  • Planning meals helps to reduce waste.  I look through the pantry, fridge, and freezer to see what might need to be gleaned and used each week. 

Now, on to our meals:

Breakfasts—cereal, egg dishes, cheese toast, oatmeal, fruit

Lunches—soup, leftovers, sandwiches, salads, quesadillas

Snacks—sliced cheese, fruit, carrot sticks, pretzel sticks, Yummy Earth lollipops, crackers, peanuts and cashews


Monday—Shrimp, pasta drizzled with olive oil, peas and carrots.

Tuesday—Today I’ll be making cream cheese pound cakes and cookies as part of my holiday baking.  (I’ll try to include the recipe on the blog soon).  I’ll make the cornbread to be used in the next couple of days for dressing.  My husband’s work Christmas party is on Friday, and we will be bringing the ham and dressing. Supper will be roasted chicken drumsticks, herbed red potatoes, turnip greens, and squash from the freezer.

Wednesday—Today I’ll make the sausage dressing for my husband to bring on Friday.  This evening, the children’s program at church is having their Christmas party, which will take care of our supper plans.  We’ll be bringing homemade popcorn, cookies, and whatever other goodies I am able to make. 

Thursday—Today I’ll bake the ham for my husband to bring to work tomorrow.  Because today will be a busy one, we’ll have a simple meal of grilled cheese and soup for supper.

Friday—Lamb burgers without the buns, braised cabbage, relishes of homemade pickles and pickled beets, and corn

Saturday—There will most likely be leftover ham from my husband’s work party.  If so, we’ll have cheesy ham and rice.  If there isn’t enough ham, I’ll use the ham bone to make beans.  We’ll eat cornbread on the side.

Sunday—If we do not need to eat leftovers, I’ll make one skillet dinner.

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