December 14, 2009

Review—White Pine Acres

100_0068 Ho, Ho, Ho!  Late last week, our family made the trek out to White Pine Acres to cut down a Christmas tree.  We paid $30 for our choice of trees.  This farm sells only white pine, which pleased my husband.  He prefers white pines because they are much softer than other trees, and since it is his job to put the tree in its stand and don it with lights, I’m happy to oblige.  We picked a nice sized tree that was full and perfect for us.  It was at least a full foot taller than the trees we normally purchase and was about $5 cheaper! (We had bought our Christmas trees at the same open air market for over 10 years, and we were sad to see that they had gone out of business this year).

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, the owners,  were delightful people.  My husband cut the tree down with a bow saw that they provided, and we brought it to Mr. Stevens.  He blew out any older needles and wrapped it for us.  In the meantime, we went to their patio and roasted marshmallows and had our fill of hot chocolate and warm apple cider (FREE perks of going there).  The entire experience was just about as pleasant as it could be, and we all left with huge smiles on our faces. 

If you have not yet chosen your Christmas tree this year and are local, I encourage you to visit White Pine Acres or another local Christmas tree farm.  We very much appreciate knowing that the money goes to local people and stays in our community.  If you are outside of the Knoxville area, I hope you’ll ask around and find a similar tree farm in our vicinity. 

Just in case you were wondering, I receive no financial benefit from writing this review.  They were such delightful people and I hope the review will encourage you to support local farms like this in your area.

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