January 6, 2010

Aquafina Water Deal at Wags

Want to add some water to your emergency supplies?  It looks like Walgreens might be the place to buy it.  Check out this information from Who Said Nothing in Life is Free????

I feel like I am living at Walgreen's this week!!!
Here is a GREAT deal combining a monthly RR deal and a weekly ad coupon:

RR deal: Buy $20 worth of Pepsi products (Aquafina is included) and get a $10 RR

Buy 4 cases of Aquafina water (24 pks) on sale for $5.99 (comes to $23.96) and then use the weekly ad coupon which will make each pack of Aquafina $3.99 (this will not affect the RR deal)

Pay $15.96 (+ tax) and get back a $10RR

96 bottles of water for just $5.96 or 6 cents per bottle!

Note: The ad coupon says limit 2, however not all stores will limit you. It is just there so store CAN limit you if they want. The one coupon will take off the amount for as many cases as you buy.

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