January 4, 2010

Independence Days Update

We participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.   This is our weekly update. 

Plant—Nothing planted this week.  I’m not going to plant until February, but I’m aching to do so.   Visions of seeds, flowers, and vegetables have been dancing in my head. 

Harvest—Onions and herbs

Preserve—Nothing preserved this week either.

Reduce Waste—I have made a commitment to myself to try and find clothes at consignment shops prior to purchasing new items.  I was pleased to pick up a beautiful dress coat for $15.  The same jacket would have cost over $60 at a department store.  Love that!  We have been eating lots of leftovers, but I’m afraid I might have made too many cabbage rolls.  We’re trying to eat them before they pass their prime—we’ll see if we can accomplish that goal.  I brought the compost back from the men’s breakfast at church again, this time with less teasing from the men about doing so. 

Prep/Storage—Hubby made significant progress on the homemade play-set he’s been building for our daughter.  She was so thrilled to have friends over to swing and slide.  I cleaned out the pantry and organized it a bit better.  We added white and brown rice to the food storage this week.

Building Community Food Systems—I made some purchases for the food pantry this week and worked in the pantry a bit.  I’ve been arranging the milk pick up from a farmer friend. 

Eat the Food—We enjoyed visiting with friends on New Year’s Day and dining on our traditional meal of cabbage rolls (recipe on the blog under the “recipes” label), black eyed peas, rice, and ham.  Each time I make the cabbage rolls I think of my grandfather steaming the cabbage when I was a child.  I think of the many times I’ve rolled the cabbage with my cousins and how my sister always teases me that she rolls them tighter and better than I do.  I think of how my grandmother would chop the vegetables with a cutting board in her lap when she couldn’t stand well anymore.  I think of the first time I made them as a married woman for my husband and how proud I felt to have made the family recipe for him.  Those traditional recipes hold our family history, and each bite brings back so many sweet memories.

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