January 7, 2010

Jack and Jules Consignment Sales--Knoxville

Children's Consignment Event

I was pleased to receive an e-mail from Cindy, one of the owners of Jack and Jules, telling me more about their upcoming consignment event.  What a wonderful opportunity for consigners!  I hope you’ll visit their site to learn more and will mark your calendars for their upcoming sale.

Knoxville’s Children’s Consignment Event

Spring/Summer Sale March 11-13, 2010
10am-8pm Daily
180 N. Peters Road, Former Goody’s Building

What is Jack and Jules?

Jack and Jules is the newest, hottest, semi-annual children’s consignment event in Knoxville, Tennessee. Jack and Jules holds two sales each year- one in Spring and one in Fall. Consignors with Jack and Jules will receive 75% of your sales price AND an opportunity to shop a special pre-event sale for consignors only. Jack and Jules offers consignors the opportunity to earn 80% of their sales.  Consignors who complete three work shifts will receive 80% of their sales!  Also, consignors who work one shift and participate in our exclusive referral program will also receive 80% of their sales!  Every shift you work enters your name into a drawing where one lucky consignor will win 100% of their sales!!

Consignors with Jack and Jules drop off gently used, clean, fashionable children’s items. Shoppers come shop our inventory, buy your items, and then consignors receive a check in the mail! What could be better! No yard sales, no ebay fees, no shipping fees, just tag your items and let us do the rest!

Jack and Jules is different from a traditional consignment store, and here is why!

  • You receive 75-80% percent of your sales!
  • You set the price and decide if the item is to be discounted
  • You receive your check within days of the sale ending
  • Your items are viewed by multitudes of buyers in just a few days
  • You do not have to wait WEEKS for items to sell!
  • You can check your earnings nightly on our website
  • Plus… You will be helping East Tennessee Children’s Hospital continue caring for our children!
  • To participate all you have to do is register, receive a consignor number, drop off your tagged items, and let Jack and Jules sell your items for you!!
  • Each Jack and Jules sale runs for 4 days including the pre-event sale! At the conclusion of the event you may pick up any unsold merchandise and save it for Jack and Jules next event or Jack and Jules will be happy to donate it to a local charity for you

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