January 4, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

The last couple of weeks have been pretty relaxing ones for our family.  While we’ve had the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we haven’t had many responsibilities to weigh on us.  It in many ways has been a mini-vacation and one that has offered some respite after the last difficult 6 months.  Today we start back into everyday life, new ventures, and responsibilities.  It will be exciting to have a fresh start in a new year, and I’m looking forward to what not only this week holds but what 2010 might have in store for us. 

Whenever I know that there are some busy days and weeks coming up, I find that planning and making lists gives me a sense of control that allows me to relax.  It is counterintuitive that planning ahead allows me to be in the moment more, but for me, it works. 

Planning allows me to know that I have a back up plan. My meal plans are a good example of this.  Last week, I had this plan.  The New Year’s Eve get together at a friend’s house fell through, so we had a completely different meal on that evening.  Then, we had so many leftovers from New Year’s Day that I didn’t need to cook on Saturday or Sunday evening.  A friend and her family joined us at church on Sunday as a surprise, so instead of eating the meal we had planned for lunch, we went out to eat with them at McAllister’s Deli.  The basic plan helps me to not dedicate more time worrying about or thinking about what I will serve our family.  I’m better able to be in the moment because of it.

Below is our meal plan for this week:

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Mon Cereal with bananas PBJ, carrot sticks, Oikos yogurt tortilla chips Pasta and sauce
Tues Boiled eggs, ham, toast with jelly Lunch with the Young at Heart group at church if schedule allows Rosemary and Onion Venison Tenderloin, Roasted potatoes, and green beans
Wed Oatmeal Leftovers Making the supper for the children’s program at church—grilled cheese, fruit, pretzels
Thurs Baked oatmeal Sandwiches, blueberries from the freezer, carrot and celery sticks Daddy makes pancakes. 
I have a Stewardship Committee meeting at a friend’s house.  I’ll make a salad to bring for the potluck.
Fri Cereal and strawberries from the freezer Sandwiches, Oikos Yogurt, peanuts Turkey and vegetable soup from the freezer
Sat Cheese toast Sandwiches, peanuts, chips, cheese Supper at my sister-in-law’s home
Sun eggs, yogurt, bagels and cream cheese Leftovers Cracker Barrel with family (I received a free gift card when I redeemed my MyPoints)


  1. I'm coming for dinner Tuesday night! :)

  2. ;) It does sound yummy doesn't it?