January 28, 2010

Planning your Ingles trip during Triple Coupon Week


This is a repost from the last Ingles Triple Coupon Week.  I thought you all might be able to use some of the strategies to help you plan your shopping trip.

When Ingles has their triple coupon weeks, the sales ad usually does not have many name brand deals.  I notice more of the Ingles brand deals highlighted in the paper.  Here are some of my strategies:

  • When I am making my shopping list, I think about all of the items that I need to purchase in the next few weeks that do not usually have spectacular sales elsewhere.  For instance, I need some canning jars and lids, batteries, and my hubby needs a specific kind of contact solution.  I have coupons for all of these items that are above the 50ct mark—they won’t be tripled, but I can still use them. 
  • I also think of meat purchases that I might need to make or ones that I could make for others.  When I was in Ingles during the last triple coupon sale, they had whole organic chickens marked way down.  I didn’t have room in my freezer for all of them, even though they were a spectacular deal.  I phoned 3 friends and asked if they wanted me to pick up any for them, and they were ecstatic to have them.  I was reimbursed for their chickens and was able to use that amount to go towards the next tier of coupons. 
  • Another strategy is to take a bit longer in the store.  I will usually look through my coupon binder and eye any of the coupons that are 40-50cts.  I will go to those items in the store and see if I can get them for free or cheap with the coupon.  If you can go to the store alone during off peak hours, then that will make the process easier on you.  I almost always go shopping with our daughter, and so I plan snacks and a few toys for her to use while we are in the store. 
  • Remember to look at the smaller items instead of the larger ones to maximize your savings.  The small bottle of mustard might be free with your 50ct coupon once it is tripled.
  • I use my Ingles card and then have the cashier check my subtotal before any coupons are rung up.  By doing this, the cashier and I both see what tier of coupons I have entered.  If my total is $33 before coupons, then I should be able to have 9 coupons tripled.  I’ve only had a problem with the coupons working one time at Ingles, but the store manager was very helpful in getting it figured out. 
  • Always check your receipt to make sure your items are correct.

Don’t forget that Southern Savers has the match-ups for Ingles this week.  Happy Shopping!

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