January 25, 2010

Stockpiling, Emergency Preparedness, and Food Security

Hello all!  After a week off of these posts, I’m getting back into the swing of things.  There are some excellent sales this week—Kroger is having a Mega Event, Ingles is tripling coupons, and just about everywhere else has freebie deals included in their sales.  Look below.  Remember that you can click on the name of the store to go directly to the match-up, most of which will be found on the Southern Savers site.  Jenny does such an amazing job on these match-ups that I’ve been linking to her most often.  Consider the match-ups below to be direct quotes from the sites that are linked.

First to the reasons I do these posts:  Wondering why you are seeing this post on a couponing site?  View my posts here and here to find out why I believe these issues are important.

The disaster in Haiti brings a renewed awareness of how quickly things in life can change.  Our prayers are with the people there and the relief effort.  If you are local and would like to help in the aid by creating an UMCOR Health Kit, you can see my post here for more details.  Some of the items required for the health kits are found below in the match-ups, many of which are free with coupons/catalinas.

Stockpiling-- Here are the weekly “best buys” I found for adding to your stockpile (therefore the list is mostly of shelf stable items or toiletries).  Some of the stores are regional.  If you do not have a store listed in your area, or if you do not eat the items mentioned, then consider taking $1-$5 from your weekly grocery budget to use for building your stockpile.  If you find some deals I missed, please post in the comments section.


  • Scotties Facial Tissue $1 ea
    -$1 off Scotties printable (makes it FREE)
  • Johnson & Johnson Soap Buddies Bars 97¢
    -$1 off Johnson Baby Product RP 11/8, 1/3 (makes it FREE)
  • Purina Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats $1.24
    -$2/2 Friskies Cat Treats, any size SS 11/15
    -$1/2 Purina Cat Treats printable (store coupon) (exp 1/30)
    (buy 2, use both makes it FREE)
  • Purina Whisker Lickin’s cat treats 88¢
    -$1/2 Whisker Lickin’s SS 11/15
    -$1/2 Purina Cat Treats printable (store coupon) (exp 1/30)
    (buy 2, use both makes it FREE)

Coupon Cravings posted about free or nearly free GE Energy Smart light bulbs at Target.

Kroger—Mega Event Sale this week  (there are more free or super cheap items that are not shelf stable.  Check Jenny’s full list for more details)

  • Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks 3-3.5 oz at 49¢ ea
    -.75/1 Quaker Rice Snacks RP 1/10 (makes it FREE)
  • Nabisco Snack Crackers 4-10 oz at $1.69
    -$2/2 Nabisco Cracker Products printable (FF), printable (IE) (makes it 69¢)
    -$1/2 Nabisco Crackers “Game Day Greats” Booklet
    -$1/2 Nabisco Crackers SS 12/13
  • Rotel .49
    -.30/1 Rotel Tomatoes SS 1/24 (makes it FREE)
    -$1 off Velveeta and Rotel “Game Day Greats” booklet
    -.55/2 Rotel Tomatoes in store dispenser
  • Frank’s Hot Sauce 12 oz or Cattleman’s BBQ sauce 18 oz at $1.19 ea
    -$1/2 Frank’s RedHot Sauce SS 12/13, printable (mfr. w/target logo)
    -.50/1 off Frank’s RedHot Sauce SS 1/24 or printable (makes it 19¢)
  • Nature Valley Granola or Fiber One Bars at $2.19 ea
    Buy 3 Get $1.50 off your next order (ends 1/30)
    -.40/1 Fiber One Chewy Bars SS 1/03
    -.40/1 Fiber One Chewy Bars printable,
    -.40/1 Fiber One Chewy Bars Shortcuts eCoupon and Cellfire eCoupon
    -.40/1 Nature Valley Bars printable or printable
    -.40/1 Nature Valley Granola bars Shortcuts eCoupon and Cellfire eCoupon
    (use paper coupon w/ eCoupon makes it 99¢)
  • Nature Valley Nut Clusters $2.19
    -.50/1 Nut Clusters SS 1/03
    -$1 off Nut Clusters printable or printable
    -$1 off Nut Clusters Cellfire eCoupon
    (use paper coupon w/ eCoupon makes it 19¢)
  • Kraft Salad Dressing 16 oz at $1.49 ea
    -$1/2 Kraft Salad Dressing 16 oz or larger Kraft Game Day Greats booklet
    -$1 off Kraft Dressing December Sunset Magazine (makes it 49¢)
  • Post Cereals 13-25 oz at $1.99
    -$2  Post Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran printable (register) (makes it FREE)
    -$1/2 Post Cereals SS 1/17
  • Finish Dishwasher Detergent at $2.99 ea
    -$2.50 Finish Quantum, Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs SS 1/03 (makes it 49¢)
  • Halls Cough Drops 30 ct $1 ea
    -.50/1 off Halls Drops SS 1/10 or printable (makes it FREE)

Walgreens—Thanks to Coupon Mommie for this match-up list

  • Olay Quench Body Lotion 20.2-oz $7.99
    -FREE Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion 8.4-oz with purchase
    -$2 from 1/17 PG
    -rebate for FREE Olay Quench (price before coupon)
    Final Price: two products for FREE with $2 overage!
  • Tresemme Hair Care 3/$12*
    -$5 RR on three
    Final Price: 3/$7
    *many stores have Tresemme products on clearance for as low as $1.09! That would mean freebies with overage if you're able to find it! Be sure to look for the products specified in the ad to get the register rewards: shampoo and conditioner 25 or 32-oz. or styling products 6.5-11-oz
  • Pert Plus Shampoo Plus Conditioner 2/$5
    -$2 RR on two
    -$1.50 from 1/24 SS - good on Men's product
    -$1 from 1/24 SS or printable HERE - good on any
    Final Price: men's shampoo FREE, regular shampoo $.50 each!
  • Sure Deodorant 2/$3 (with insert coupon)
    -$1 from 1/24 SS - any Sure deodorant
    -$1.50 from 1/24 SS - men's deodorant
    -$.75 printable HERE - any Sure deodorant
    Final Price: men's = FREE, regular = as low as $.50!
  • Reach Prevent Toothbrush $.99 (with insert coupon)
    -$1 from 10/18 RP or B1G1 free from 1/3 RP
    Final Price: $.50-FREE
  • RR Deal: Spend $30+ get $10 RR; Spend $20+ get $5 RR
    Several scenarios for you.  Here is the moneymaker I told you about HERE I’ll be buying:
    (6) Benefiber Kiwi Strawberry 16-ct sticks $5
    -$2 Walgreens Diabetes & You Coupon Booklet coupon, will automatically scan x 6
    $2/1 Benefiber printable (IE) or printable (FF) x 6 (you'll need access to 3 computers)
    -$10 RR
    Final Price: $4 overage

Ingles—TRIPLE Coupon Week.  Click on link for details on the Ingles Coupon Policy.  Traditionally Ingles Triple Coupon week does not mean for an exciting list of advertised sales.  My plan of action is to gather all of my 50ct coupons together and make my way through the store to see if I can score some free items.  Think of any items that might sell for under $1.50 when you are gathering your coupons together.  I usually get a few boxes of zip top baggies while I’m there.  These are great for when I’m putting up corn for the freezer in the summer. 

  • Earthbound Farm organic clamshell salad, $2.50 ea
    -$1 off Earthbound Farm coupon by mail - take quiz here (hint: it is hard…study first!)
  • Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pastas 13.25-14.5 oz, B1G1 at $1.50 (75¢)
    -$1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta SS 01/10 (regional)
    -$1/2 Ronzoni healthy Harvest pasta printable (makes it 25¢ ea)
  • Mueller’s Recipe Ready pasta 12-16 oz, B1G1 at $1.38 (69¢)
    -$1/2 Mueller’s - your favorite pasta “plan on pasta” home mailer
    -$1/2 Mueller’s whole wheat or pasta ribbons pasta SS 01/03 (makes it 19¢ ea)
    -$1/3 Mueller’s whole wheat or pasta ribbons pasta printable
  • Stevia In The Raw packets - 50 Count, B1G1 at $3.28 ($1.64)
    .40/1 Stevia In The Raw printable (makes it 44¢)
  • Halls cough drops 30 count, $1 ea
    -.50/1 Halls cough drops printable (makes it FREE)
    -$1/2 Halls cough drops SS 01/10
  • Scotties facial tissue 60-132 count, B1G1 at $1.28 (64¢)
    -$1 off Scotties printable (mark that you do not use scotties now) (makes it FREE)
    -.50/3 Scotties Facial Tissues RP 12/13, 11/15 (makes it 14¢)
    -$1/5 Scotties Facial Tissues RP 12/13, 11/15
  • Hefty Easy Grip cups 3-18 oz, B1G1 at $2.78 ($1.39)
    .50/1 Hefty Easy Grip cups RP 11/15 (makes it FREE)

Look for the small bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and French’s yellow mustard.  Use the 50ct off coupons on these, and you should get them for free.

CVS--  I like Southern Savers deal ideas when she does the CVS match-ups.  I’ve included those below

  • **Deal Idea**
    Buy: (1) Dulvolax Balance 14 dose $10.99
    Use: -$3 off Dulcolax
    Total Due: $7.99
    Get Back: $5 ECB and $5 mail in rebate, you make $2.01 profit!
  • **Deal Idea**
    (3) Stacy’s Chip $3
    (3) True North Nuts $3
    (2) Gatorade G2 $1.25
    -$5 off store coupon
    (3) -$1 off Stacy’s
    (3) -$1 off True North
    (2) -.50/1 Gatorade G2
    Total Due: $8.50
    Get Back: $10 ECB, you make $1.50 profit
  • Dove or Yardley single bar or Ivory 3-pk 99¢
    -$1 off Zest, Safeguard, or Ivory Body Wash or Bar Pack, PG 12/27 (makes it FREE)

Co-op Advantage Stores/Three Rivers Market--  I will do my best to get the match-ups for February out early.  Given that there is a lot of prep work that I’m doing for The Knoxville Coupon Fair, please be patient with me.  ;)

  • Organic Rolled Oats 99cts/lb
    Great price!

Emergency Preparedness—I’ve heard many of the reporters on the news covering the tragedy in Haiti talk about how helpful the solar powered or crank operated flashlights have been.  Our family just listed to Laura Ingles Wilder’s The Long Winter on CD, and that book also heightened our awareness of how important it is to have a light source available.  Here are a few tips associated with flashlights:

  • If you have a battery operated flashlight, keep extra batteries on hand and near where you store the flashlight.
  • Always store the flashlights in the same place.  When you really need a flashlight, you’ll most likely be in the dark, and it won’t be easy to hunt all over the house for one.
  • Store multiple flashlights around your house, at the very least one on every level of your home. 
  • Keep a flashlight in your car.
  • Opt for a solar powered or crank/shake operated flashlight whenever you can.  These are great little gifts for the hard to buy for guys in your life.  I received a solar powered and crank charged flashlight with radio that included the weather station for my birthday one year.  (I hinted heavily).  I feel so much more secure having it available for when I need it.
  • Keep a mini flashlight on your key ring if doable.  These are great for helping you to find the right key for your locks.
  • Have multiple options for lighting available in the event of emergency—flashlights, candles, kerosene lamps, headlamps, even book lights.  You may never know what you need for a particular situation.

Food Security—I’m ashamed to say that I slacked on my checking of my stores.  I realized it had been a while since I looked at my butternut squash, and when I went to check them, I found two had gone bad.  It just goes to show that no matter how good you get at stockpiling, you must regularly check your stores.  This week, I encourage you to do so. 

  • Clean out your refrigerator.  Give it a good wipe down.  Use anything that needs using before it spoils.  Compost anything that might have wasted (no meats or fats included in compost).
  • Check your freezer.  If you have a deep freeze it is especially important to rotate your foods so that things do not get lost in there.  I like to take everything out of the freezer and then repack it. 
  • Check your dry storage.  Our red potatoes are sprouting and need using.  This week I’ve planned to make some green beans with red potatoes as a result. I gave my in-laws a few of the butternut squash that were still good in hopes that they will use them before they spoil. 
  • Check your pantries and canned goods.  While spoilage isn’t as much an issue here, you might still want to rotate items out.  For home canned and dehydrated items, do check for signs of spoilage. 
  • Check your spices.  Once a year I like to give the spices a good look and to organize them.  Discard what you need to.  Hint, if it has been in there for multiple years, you might as well discard it.

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