January 3, 2010

Sunday paper, Walgreens

UPDATE—I just went to Walgreens, and as I thought, the RR DOES print with the Bayer Deal even if you do not pay a cent.  I completed a tax exempt transaction with only the meter.  The church paid $0 OOP and received a $5 RR. 

Don’t forget that there is an awesome $2.50 off of Electrosol coupon in today’s paper.  There are multiple inserts with some great coupons included. 

This morning I trotted down to Walgreens to pick up my papers, Electrosol, and a few more groceries.  I also found a couple of the Bayer Contour Meter coupons and was going to use them for the church.  I was so disappointed to find that all of the catalina machines at the Walgreens I went to were broken.  The night manager was nice enough to price adjust the Electrosol and put them all on one order.  The only catch was that he would not give me the $10 RR that would have printed had I completed the Bayer deals.  While he and the cashier were very nice about it, they swore to me that the catalinas would not print if I used a coupon and didn’t pay anything for the meters.  I told them that I had completed similar transactions over 30 times last year without any problem, and the catalinas had printed each time.  They were so nice about everything else so I just put back the meters and decided to wait on that deal.

I haven’t seen anything on the message boards about this Walgreens policy changing.  Have you all had any problems with these deals working?  I plan to stop by another Walgreens location today after church to try it out and test my theory.  I’ll keep you posted on what I discover.

Not sure what I’m talking about, go here to view the Walgreens deals this week, including information on how to get free Electrosol after coupon and RR.

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