January 8, 2010

Tip of the day

Shop in a different part of town.  Sometimes it pays to shop in a different neighborhood:

  • Upscale neighborhoods tend to have better offerings at consignment shops and thrift stores.
  • Upscale neighborhoods tend to have higher grocery prices overall.  Fancier stores cost more for upkeep.  At one Kroger, I found marked down salad for 99cts.  At a Kroger across town I found the exact same brand of marked down salad for $1.29.  (I’ll wear my social worker hat and talk about the burden of food insecurity for a brief moment.  Poorer areas of town tend to have higher food prices on necessity items.  They have less access to stores and less access to transportation to drive them to other parts of town with better stores and therefore must buy what the stores nearby offer.  Next time you are at a convenience store, price the bread, milk and peanut butter—you’ll see what I mean.) 
  • You’ll find more marked down organic foods at grocery stores that do not cater to the rich.  You’ll also find that the marked down foods in those stores are sold much more quickly.
  • Antique shops and junk shops—as a general rule, you’ll be able to haggle more and find better deals if you shop away from the center of the city and outside of upper class neighborhoods. 
  • Auctions—these are fun just about anywhere you go.
  • Estate sales—many companies run estate sales.  You’ll find interesting items and great buys in more diversified neighborhoods.
  • Shop ethnic food stores for great buys in that food category (rice at Asian markets, peppers at tiendas, etc)

1 comment:

  1. Our local Food City (in south Knox) puts out "old" produce---some organic---all at once. I haven't been able to pinpoint a day or time, but I have bought incredibly cheap produce and made bread or froze things.
    There is a UGO on Chapman that sells expired or almost expired items, and it sometimes carries organic, quality brands. I've been able to buy cereal bars that would cost over three dollars at Earthfare for about 99 cents.