January 20, 2010

Tip of the day

Get to know the staff of your favorite shops and grocery stores.  Smaller boutiques and consignment shops often have a practice of calling their regular customers when merchandise arrives that would be to their liking.  They may also call or e-mail when sales and clearance pricing has begun.  In larger stores, such as Kroger or Walgreens, I’ve found that knowing the staff can be helpful in other ways.  They are less likely to be frustrated by your coupons.  They know your process and are more receptive to helping.  They are more likely to hold items for you, and they are more likely to mark down an item for you or give you a discount.  They might point you to sale items or good deals in their stores. 

Show your appreciation to the staff.  Notify the manager about excellent work.  Call or e-mail their regional manager being sure to include the person’s name and when he or she helped you.

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