January 21, 2010

Tip of the day

Read your coupons carefully.  Even though they might have a photograph of one item, they could possibly be used for others.  An example was the $1/1 coupon for Breyer’s products from a few months ago.  It had a photograph of ice cream, making it look like it was only for ice cream.  Yet, Breyer’s also makes yogurts that sell for around $1, and the coupon was written for $1 off any Breyer’s product.

You might be able to use the coupon for organics if it does not specify otherwise.  More and more companies are making organic products available alongside their conventional items.  If you prefer organics and see a general coupon, you might check the grocery store aisle for an organic option. 

One more reason to check your coupons—trial or travel sized options.  Many stores have a travel section where you can find everything from small packs of Band-aids to Dove deodorant to Tide.  If you find a coupon that does not exclude travel/trial sized items, run through that aisle of the store to check if that brand is there.  You might be surprised at all of the freebies you can score with those coupons! 

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