January 22, 2010

Tip of the day

Ask yourself if it has more than one function?  Before bringing anything into your house, consider if the item has more than one use.  Whether it is a cocktail dress or a kitchen appliance, if it will only be used in one way or for one event, you might want to consider other options. 

I have very few single use items in our home, and the ones I do have, I’ve given special thought to.  For instance, my grain mill takes up quite a bit of space on my kitchen counter.  I use it often, and I can mill many different varieties of grains.  A few friends come by from time to time to mill their grains in it.  It was worth the space.  Alternately a crock pot would not be helpful to me.  I know, I know, I hear a gasp from my reading audience—I’ve heard the lectures from all of my friends about how crock pots are the best things since sliced bread.  For me, though, the space needed to store such a large vessel when I already have Dutch ovens and stockpots and the time to bake, braise and boil wasn’t worth it.

Examples of some multi-use items in our home:

  • We opted for a toaster/convection oven instead of a toaster.  We can toast, bake small casseroles, warm leftovers, and can heat messier items like cheese toast or cinnamon rolls.
  • When I purchase clothes I usually stick with basic colors and styles.  I warn you, I’m not the trendiest of gals and I think it is because I’m a very frugal gal.  If I buy something that is trendy, it is usually in the form of an accessory used to update my wardrobe.  Good quality knee high boots work for a variety of situations and can be resoled when the heals need repair.  A crisp white cotton shirt that has stain protector and wrinkle free qualities can be used for casual or dress attire in just about any season.
  • Pyrex glass dishes with lids are used for storage, baking, and from time to time vases for low flower arrangements.

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