January 26, 2010

Tip of the day

Use moneymaker items at stores like Walgreens and CVS to help pay for your other groceries.  I might buy items that I will never use just for the overage.  Take this deal from Coupon Mommie’s Walgreens match-up from this week:

I don’t use Benefiber, but I know people who do.  I can go into Walgreens, work this scenario and come out with a $4 RR profit.  Then, I can use that $4 RR to purchase other items that I might need from the grocery.  Even though a loaf of whole wheat bread is a bit more at Walgreens, if I use this RR I can get it for free.  There have been some weeks when I’ve stocked up on mandarin oranges (they often go on sale there for 50cts a can) and other weeks when I’ve bought green and black olives (on sale for 99cts regularly and there is a $1/2 Lindsay Olive coupon found on the brand’s website).  Because I’ve taken the time to work the moneymaker deal, I can use that money in the form of a register reward to help with our grocery budget.  This allows me to put other budgeted money into items that we prefer to buy locally or certified organic. 

Be careful to understand that I’m not suggesting that you buy something that no one would buy or something that would be wasteful.  Because I know people who use this product, I know it will not go to waste.  Many other freebie and moneymaker items can be donated to food pantries, women’s shelters, and children’s hospitals.

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