January 27, 2010

Tip of the day

At least one time a year sit down with your spouse and your major bills and paperwork to evaluate your needs. 

  • Have your insurance needs changed?  Are you satisfied with your carrier?  Should you look into other options?
  • Does your utility board offer a steady pay option?  Do they offer a home energy audit?
  • Are there any new tax deductions that you need to be keeping receipts for next year’s taxes?
  • Do you need cable?  Sometimes people find that their phone, internet, and cable bundle is less expensive than dropping one.  We dropped cable more than 3 years ago and do not plan on going back any time soon. 
  • What about your cell phone service?  Are you always going over?  Should you check around to other carriers to see if you can get a better deal?
  • What about your investments?  Check Dave Ramsey’s endorsed local provider list for some great leads on investment advisors.
  • What other big expenses do you have?  Talk with your family about needs versus wants in relationship to your budget. 

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