January 28, 2010

Tip of the day

Save your shoe boxes.
  • I have a pair of satin shoes that I wear a few times a year for special occasions. I learned the hard way with a pair years ago that it is best to store these in the box. They do not get scuffed or marred or dusty.
  • Shoe boxes are handy for wrapping gifts. I have an aunt who wraps them like "soap opera gifts" where the lid and the bottom are wrapped separately. This allows them to be reused over and over again. You be the judge on whether it is worth your time to do that kind of wrapping. ;)
  • I store my seed packets in a shoe box because it isn't completely air tight (it breathes a little which is good for the seeds) and it blocks out the light.
  • Our daughter loves shoe boxes to make her "creations", as she calls them. Her favorite is to make one into a porch swing for her baby dolls.
  • Save these for Operation Christmas Child donations later in the year.

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