January 3, 2010

Walgreens Glucerna Deal

Glucerna(R) Products

UPDATE—It looks like Hip2Save found an even better deal.  Go here to view.

If you are diabetic or have someone in your family who is, you know that diabetic snacks are often expensive.  My father who has diabetes very much misses cereal.  When we discovered the Glucerna brand of cereal (one of the few diabetic brands that do not taste like cardboard), he was so happy.  A bowl every so often as a special treat hits the spot. 

This week, Walgreens has a store coupon listed in their “EXTRA COUPONS” that they offer on line.  I price checked the Glucerna cereal at our local store and it is selling for $4.99.  (The other snacks and drinks might be more or less than that amount and different areas might also have different prices.)

Go here for Walgreens $2 printable coupon.

Go here for a $1.25 manufacturer printable coupon.  (Sign up to have it sent to your e-mail account.)  Use both and the OOP expense will be around $1.74.


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