February 1, 2010

Independence Days Update

We participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.   This is our weekly update. 

Plant—Nothing planted this week. 

Harvest—I picked kale and green onions before the snow on Friday.

Preserve—I froze more organic chicken broth this week, chicken and rice, and chopped green onions from the garden.

Reduce Waste—I’ve not been as good about composting lately because of the cold—need to work on that more this week.  Helped our daughter better organize her room and gleaned a few things from there for the church rummage sale.  My cousin dropped off some hand-me-down clothes and books for us to use.  Our daughter couldn’t understand why she didn’t get the books—they were cookbooks.  We compromised, and I told her she could bake with me when I use them.  ;)  I moved some old towels to the rag basket to be used for cleaning and dirtier tasks.  I tried and tried to have our printer ink refilled.  (We have an unusual brand that many stores do not fill.  I went to two of the places where we’ve had them refilled before, and both were out of business.  I broke down and bought some new ink after over a month of being out, but I’m still hoping to find another place to have them refilled—anyone have any ideas?

Prep/Storage—The snow days have allowed me some more time to work on organizing and cleaning the house.  We moved more firewood up from what we call “the lower 40” closer to the house in anticipation of the snow.  I’m ordering a case of organic pb and Annie’s mac and cheese from our local co-op advantage store (Three Rivers Market).  I’ll also be stocking up on a few pounds of organic raisins this week there.

Building Community Food Systems—I went in on an order of elderberries with some friends. It is good to have them in the house to make syrup (both for cold prevention and the sheer enjoyment of the taste!)  I’m trying to plan our annual “seed talk” with a few friends.  We sit around the house, enjoy “girly” foods, sip tea, and talk seeds all day long.  It is one of the delights of the winter that I look most forward to enjoying. 

Eat the Food—I nixed a few of my menu plans this weekend and made some chicken and rice soup instead.  Our daughter was recovering from an upper respiratory infection, and the soup hit the spot.  I made a cream cheese pound cake for the church hospitality table.  Since church was cancelled due to the snow, we enjoyed it!

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