February 15, 2010

Independence Days Update

We participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.   (It looks like Sharon hasn’t been posting these as much in the last month.  Since this helps to keep me on track, though, I’m going to keep posting them.  I’m hoping that she’ll resume, as I gather a lot of inspiration by reading posts from other members of the challenge. This is our weekly update. 

Plant—While I haven’t planted anything yet, I plan to add the first round of sugar snap peas (edible) and sweat peas (floral) in the ground.

Harvest—We picked a few onions and that was it.  How I long for a ripe tomato!

Preserve—Nothing preserved this week.

Reduce Waste—I can’t think of anything new that we’ve accomplished in this category.  

Prep/Storage—The half case of local cheese arrived this week.  Most importantly though, we finally have some good locally grown and made sausage!  A friend picked up my order for me, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to have it in the house.  I run the risk of hoarding it because it is such a treasured commodity!  ;)  Today we are having a sewer line repaired.  We are so grateful that they will not have to mess with the vegetable gardens!

Building Community Food Systems—We had a Valentine’s potluck at church on Saturday night.  We all decided that it was a lot more fun to spend time together in a relaxed setting with fantastic foods than dealing with going out to a restaurant.  Why would we battle the crowds and pay for overpriced foods when I could enjoy Miss Shirley’s corn that she froze this summer or try a new recipe from Radeana—delicious sopapilla cheesecake anyone??  YUM!

My friend who has chickens brought me a dozen fresh eggs.   Fresh, local cheese, sausage, and eggs—could a gal ask for more?

Eat the Food—Probably our favorite food this week was the homemade cinnamon rolls in honor of Valentine’s Day. 

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