February 21, 2010

Independence Days Update

We participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.   Sharon has been having trouble with her original blog site.  Since these updates help to keep me on track, I’ll continue to post them here in hopes that her site problems are soon resolved. This is our weekly update. 

Plant—All of the seeds have been ordered.  I planted peas in the vegetable garden and sweet peas along a trellis in what will be the cutting garden this year. I transplanted some mint and Happy Returns daylilies from pots to the flower and herb bed.

Harvest—Nothing harvested this week.

Preserve—Nothing preserved this week.

Reduce Waste—I went to a no waste birthday party at Ijam’s Nature Center this weekend.  While most home birthday parties can be no waste, it was very refreshing to see a party out that was no waste.  I cleared out some beds and moved the plant materials over to the passive compost piles.  Hubby went to a conference on Saturday, and I was so proud that he brought all of his recyclables home with him.  I have gotten out of the habit of having at least one day at home a week, and I’m trying to get back into that groove.  I find that I’m a lot less stressed and the house is significantly tidier when I am at home more.

Prep/Storage—I caught some good buys this week—3 lbs Epsom salt, large container of rubbing alcohol, 6 cans mandarin oranges, salt, and sugar. 

We worked out in the garden and yard together on Saturday afternoon.  I trimmed back the stems of the sedum and asparagus.  I cleaned out leaves and some dried stems in one of the iris beds.  I finally cleared off the front porch.  I told you all it was looking like the Adam’s Family’s porch, and that was not an exaggeration!  Now it looks much, much better.  I cleaned out garden pots and moved the potting material to fill some of the low spots in a flower and herb bed.  I hoed some of the larger vegetable bed and removed some weeds that were starting to make themselves at home.  I pulled some of the evening primrose.  It is one of the few plants I’ve ever grown and regretted it.  It has taken over what was once such a nice flower bed, and if I do not pull it early in the season it will completely cover the entire bed by April. 

Hubby replaced the steps that go down our hill by the bamboo grove.  We had removed them when we thought that the sewer line was going to be replaced along that line.  Hubby and daughter broke the clumps of clay and soil from where the plumbing company left a royal mess in our back yard.  They have said that they will come and even the soil back out for us so that we can more easily seed the area.  Hubby is very tempted to plant the swath with corn instead of returning it to lawn. 

Building Community Food Systems—We had a church potluck for the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday.  Our daughter and I helped with the Angel Food Distribution on Saturday morning.  I worked in the food pantry making some more boxes earlier in the week.  I picked up local grass-fed milk for our milk co-op.  I bought crawfish from our local Shrimp Dock.  They have boats in the Gulf and bring the seafood in fresh.  While this does not exactly fit the definition of local, it is much more local than fish from overseas.  It supports fishermen in the Gulf and a local business.  Plus, they do a really good job of boiling crawfish!

Eat the Food—The crawfish etouffee was my favorite meal of the week.  It was nice to have something completely different for a change.  We have one more jar of home canned peaches left, as we devoured 2 quart jars over the weekend.  When asked about them, our daughter said, “I LOVE peaches, Momma!  I can’t wait until we go picking them again!”  I’m so glad that she knows that peaches are ripe in the summer so we eat the ones we’ve preserved in the winter—foods have seasons.  I tend to agree with her, I can’t wait until we go peach picking again.  Yum!


  1. I really would like some more Garden info, do you have any beginning books you'd recommend. I've been trying a garden for the last several years with ZERO success. I recently found out a Black walnut tree could possibly be to blame. So this year we want to try a garden in our front yard. Do you have a basic timeline of getting started? Also I'd like to start with plants instead of seeds and see if that helps my success. Any places you'd reccomend? thanks!

  2. i am soooooo jealous that you have asparagus! we have been contemplating an asparagus patch for a long time. we are not sure how much longer we will be living in this house, so that makes a dilemma, as we wouldn't want to leave them here when we go!!!!! (i am committed to my plants.. haha!)
    and- we are on our very last can of peaches, and i just cant bring myself to eat them yet!

    i love the independence days update. i just might have to start doing that on my blog........