February 25, 2010

Jennie-O Turkey Rebate


Thanks to Lauren for e-mailing me the following info:

Jennie-O Turkey Store has developed a comprehensive, online wellness center to help people maintain and achieve a healthier way of life.  A full product rebate at sign-up and opportunity to win a gym membership and year’s worth of product  further supports users on their journey to better health. 

WellnessDaily.com, is an online community that collects the latest news, healthy living blogs, expert opinions, easy, nutritious recipes and videos on a variety of topics including weight loss, healthy eating, exercise and mental well-being.  

Jennie-O Turkey Store will provide a rebate for the purchase price of one product (up to $5.00) for the first 25,000 registered users. Additionally, users who help share the news of the site via Twitter are eligible for a chance to win a prize package which includes coupons for a year-long supply of Jennie-O Turkey Store product and a one-year gym membership, valued at $1,250. Details can be found here.

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