February 1, 2010

La Victoria Rewards and Kroger Mega Event

La Victoria

You know the amazing Mega Event that is going on at Kroger this week?  LaVictoria Salsa is included in the deal ($1.99 before the 50cts from the Mega Deal is deducted).  Last year, Common Sense with Money (Mercedes) wrote about their rewards program.  If you have any of those $4/2 coupons, that makes these a money maker.  Not only that, but you can use the codes on the salsas you purchase to earn more coupons.  I bought 4 of these last week and bought another 4 this week.  I love free!

Buy 2 salsas at $1.99 each

If you purchase 10 items in the Mega Event this price is reduced to $1.49 each

Use $4/2 coupon

Make $1.02!  LOVE THAT!

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