February 24, 2010

Newspaper Subscription

paperartAfter missing a few Sunday papers this month Hubby and I decided to subscribe.  There was one Sunday that I wasn’t able to get a paper because of the snow, and there was another week when I just totally forgot to run by the store on my way home from church.  I decided to give a subscription another chance and see how it would work for us.  While I still suspect that there will be weeks when I buy more Sunday papers out at a store, I’m looking forward to this experience.  Hubby and I decided that instead of purchasing only the weekend subscription we would opt for the entire week. 

While a little more expensive than a weekend subscription rate, I have liked the delivery thus far.  In the past, there were many times when a friend, our church, or I was in the paper and I missed it because I didn’t buy a paper in time.  Not only am I noticing that I’m a little more informed about the community, I’m finding out about more local coupons, discounts, and free programs.

Do you have a newspaper subscription?  In what ways do you find that it is worth the expense?

1 comment:

  1. I like to have my ad in hand so yeah I like it, I however don't like the fact that the News senntienel does not do Sunday only delievery. I canceled and they begged me back for practically nothing...play hard ball with them and let them come begging and you will get a major discount.