February 10, 2010

Restaurant Review—Asia Cafe, Knoxville

Have you been craving some yummy Asian food?  If so, I hope you’ll stop into the Asia Cafe in the Powell area of Knoxville.  People at our church (Faith UMC) have been raving about this place, and a friend even passed me a coupon to use.  Last week, while I was preparing the food for the children’s dinner, the youth pastor and his family were enjoying take out before their meeting.  The smell was intoxicating, and I knew then that we must visit soon!

Hubby, daughter, and I went for an early supper.  We had a coupon for $5 off of a $25 purchase and so we planned our meal accordingly.  I ordered a bento box that was unlike any other I’d eaten before.  My daughter was thrilled when she saw the orange included in the box, and I was most impressed with the tempura bananas.  Hubby ordered a hibachi steak meal and was very pleased with his choice.  We had crab rangoon for an appetizer and our meals were served with mushroom soup, salad, and those little wonton crunchies.  We also ordered two kinds of spring rolls to have the full experience.  Not only did we all have our fill (our daughter ate from the meals we ordered) but we had enough leftovers for the next day’s lunch. 

The restaurant was very kid-friendly.  They had some TVs going, which was probably the only critique that I would have.  Since many people like TV while they are eating, I think that they are catering to what most customers prefer.  If you wanted a cozy date night, I think that this would be the perfect place to pick up take out to enjoy with your special someone at home. 

Mr. Lim, the owner, was such a kind man.  He waited on our table that evening, and he took care of anything we needed before we even knew we needed it! 

The cost is quite affordable for the quality and quantity of the food.  While Hubby and I spent over $25 before the coupon, you could easily dine as a family for less than that amount. 

For more information and to get directions, go to their website.  They even have a 10% off printable discount coupon on their site! 

Disclaimer—I’m in no way related to any of the employees or owners of Asia Cafe.  I did not receive any money for this review, and I post it only in hopes that you might drop in and give them a try.  I really like the idea of supporting locally owned and operated businesses, and this one is a great one!

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