February 18, 2010

Shell and Kroger Plus Card Discount

Have you been to Shell yet to try out your Kroger Plus Card?  I filled up the tank yesterday.  Since I was keying in my number from my keychain card, the process was a little confusing at first.  The Shell attendant came with me to the car and helped orient me to the process.  She was super nice, and I think that the fill up will be easier next time because of her assistance. 

I paid $2.18 with the Kroger Plus Card discount per gallon!  If you haven’t yet checked out the details, head over to Coupon Katie to read all of the about it.  


  1. I'm pretty sure that fuel points are awarded based on your grocery total before coupons so we should all be getting a good price on gas!
    Glad someone has tried this already. Does the price automatically adjust based on your number of available points or can you pick? For example, if I have 600 points, will it automatically deduct .60 or can I choose to use only 300 points for a .30 deduction? I'm thinking about how to maximize fill ups with two vehicles.

  2. I'm not entirely sure how it deducts your points yet. I had thought I would make it to Kroger today to find out, but I didn't yet. I'll let you know as I hear more.

    As for the deduction--it changes the price on the tank. Instead of per gallon at the regular price it reads the discounted price. You don't get to pick the deduction.