February 10, 2010

Southwest Airlines $39 one way

southwest airlines Southwest Flights: $39 One Way

Thanks to Thrifty Mama for this deal info:

Southwest Airlines has a huge list of flights from $39 one-way.  Travel Dates are May 15-May 25, and they are only offering this deal through February 11.

For you Swagbucks users, have you noticed that they have Southwest gift cards in the prize area?  If you can get one of those, that would make this an even better deal!  Haven’t heard of Swagbucks? Get paid for your searching, see details HERE.

I hear SouthWest airlines is the best, because you can check 2 bags for FREE!  Go HERE for the list of deals they are offering.

I looked at the deals for the Nashville area.  For almost all of the destinations, it is cheaper for us to drive in the hybrid round trip for a family of 3 IF we did not stop for a hotel stay.  However, if I were traveling alone to visit a friend in those areas or if we were planning on staying overnight somewhere mid-way, this price would be worth it.  Take a look at the deals and see what you think.

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