February 4, 2010

Stockpiling, Emergency Preparedness, and Food Security

Wondering why you are seeing this post on a couponing site?  View my posts here and here to find out why I believe these issues are important.

Stockpiling-- Here are the weekly “best buys” I found for adding to your stockpile (therefore the list is mostly of shelf stable items or toiletries).  Some of the stores are regional.  If you do not have a store listed in your area, or if you do not eat the items mentioned, then consider taking $1-$5 from your weekly grocery budget to use for building your stockpile.  If you find some deals I missed, please post in the comments section.

Walgreens  (Thanks Coupon Mommie!)

  • Cereal $1
    Includes: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 7oz ~ Post Shredded Wheat, HoneyComb or Alphabits 4.25 to 9.25oz
    - $ 2 off Shredded Wheat Printable (shouldn’t beep if you buy two boxes of cereal)
    BUY TWO  | Pay ZERO OOP  | Final = FREE after coupon
  • Zicam $10, Get $7RR
    Includes: 10ct Cold Sore Swabs
    -$3 off Zicam Coupon on select products
    -$1 off Zicam Cold Sore Gel Swabs SS 11/22
    Pay $7-$9 OOP  |  Get back $7 RR  | Final = FREE - $2 after coupons & RR
  • Vitamin Schtick Lip Care $1.99, Get $1.99RR * MONTHLY DEAL *
    Includes: .14oz
    Pay $1.99 OOP  |  Get back $1.99 RR  | Final = FREE after coupons & RR
  • Blink Tears $7.99, Get $7.99RR
    Includes: .34 or .5oz
    -$2 off Blink Tears or GelTears Lubrication Eye Drops RP 1/31
    -$1.50 off Blink Tears printable
    -$1 off Blink Tears, Coupons on Product
    Pay $5.99 - $6.99 OOP  |  Get back $7.99 RR  | Final = Moneymaker after coupons & RR
  • Joint Juice $10, Get $10RR * MONTHLY DEAL *
    Includes: 30 pack, .25oz
    B1G1 Joint Juice printable
    Pay $10 OOP  |  Get back $10 RR  | Final = TWO for FREE after coupons & RR
  • Scalpicin Medicated Wipes$5.99, Get $5.99RR
    Includes: 12pk
    $1 off Scalpicin printable (IE) or printable (FF)
    Pay $4.99 OOP  |  Get back $5.99 RR  | Final = Moneymaker after coupons & RR
  • Go here to learn about a few candy deals
  • Go here to learn about the Bayer moneymaker deal.  Use the money you earn from this deal to purchase more groceries.


CVS (Thanks Southern Savers!) 

  • $5.49 ECB wyb Dove Men’s Care 13.5 oz $5.49 Limit 2 free
    -$1 off Dove Men’s Care, printable
    -$1.25 off Dove Men’s Care Body Wash or Scrubber 13.5oz+, RP 1/31
  • $2 ECB wyb Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste 4.6 - 6 oz $2.99 Limit 1
    -$1 off Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste, January All You (makes it FREE)
    -.75/1 Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste, printable
  • $3 ECB wyb $10 Unilever Products Limit 1
    Hellman’s Mayonnaise 30 oz B1G1
    -.75/1 Hellman’s Mayonnaise, printable (IE) or printable (FF)
    -.50/1 Hellman’s Product 16.5oz +, RP 1/31
    Skippy Peanut Butter 16.3 oz 3/$5
    -.40/1 Skippy Peanut Butter 15oz+, RP 1/31
    Ragu 25 oz 3/$5
    -.75/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce, RP 1/31
    Lipton Tea Bags 20-100 ct $2.50
    -.60/1 Lipton Tea Bags, RP 1/31
  • Go here to learn about the PowerBar Energy Blast moneymaker

Kroger  (Thanks Southern Savers!)  The Mega Event continues this week with some great freebies and cheapies.  See the SOuthern Savers match-ups for the full list.  I stocked up on Ro*Tel, Kraft cheese, Quaker Rice Snacks, Sobe, Philly Cream Cheese, OM lunchmeat, Nabisco Crackers and Mission Tortillas.

Co-op Advantage Stores/Three Rivers Market--

  • Organic Raisins, $2.29/lb (stock up price!)
  • Annie’s Mac and Cheese 99cts/box (coupon included in match-up list)
  • MaraNatha Peanut Butter $4.29 (coupon included in match-up list)
  • Just because they are so dang good, pick up a pack of Barbara’s Bakery Raspberry flavored fig bars.  They really are excellent.  $2.99
  • Looks like oats are also still priced at 99cts/lb (may not be at all co-op stores)

Earth Fare  (Thanks Frugally Farming Family)

Ingles  (I wasn’t too impressed with the list, though their circular was a big one this week.)

  • 1 lb bags of rice are 2/$1
  • Use the Marcal Coupons from 1/31 to get free tissues.

Target (Thanks Southern Savers!)

  • SoBe Lifewater 20 oz $1
    B1G1 Sobe LifeWater printable (IE) or printable (FF)
    -.50/1 Sobe LifeWater printable(store coupon) (use with mfr. coupon makes it 25¢ ea)
  • Johnson & Johnson Soap Buddies Bars 97¢
    -$1 off Johnson Baby Product RP 11/8, 1/3 (makes it FREE)
  • Scotties Facial Tissue $1 ea
    -$1 off Scotties printable (makes it FREE)
    (select that you do not use Scotties)
  • Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go $1
    -$1 off Johnson & Johnson First Aid SS 1/3
  • Rolaids 3pk $1.32
    -$1 off Rolaids RP 12/13
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo Travel Size $1
    -$1 off Johnson & Johnson Shampoo printable (IE) or printable (FF)
  • Rayovac Batteries $1
    -$1 Ray-O-Vac Alkaline Batteries SS 12/06
  • Band-Aids Travel Size, 10 ct 97¢
    -$1 off Band-Aids RP 1/3
  • Reach Dental Floss or Access Flossers 97¢
    -$1 off Reach Floss or Flosser RP 10/18, 1/3
    -$5/3 Reach or Listerine Products January ‘10 Self Magazine
  • All Small & Mighty Detegent travel size 97¢
    -$2 off All Small & Mighty RP 1/3
    -$1 off All Detergent printable

Emergency Preparedness and Food Security—It snowed in the East TN area this weekend.  Cue eye roll from everyone living in colder regions of North America.  My husband called me on his way home from work on Friday and said that the grocery stores looked like they’d been invaded.  Apparently everyone and their mommas were out at the grocery stocking up for the big freeze.  News stations showed photos of barren bread aisles with just a few things left on the shelves.  Be aware that they were calling for snow for almost a week (we all were praying that it wouldn’t so we could have The Knoxville Coupon Fair, but alas, we’ve rescheduled for 2/27).  I’ll admit that we did pick up some sodas and hot dog buns on Friday, but those were planned purchases and we were in and out.  They weren’t made because we needed food.  Many people who were shopping were concerned that there would be a power outage and they wouldn’t have any food to eat.  Many more said that they didn’t keep a lot of food at their homes and needed to go to the store. 

This week I encourage you to look at your food stores.   How long could you eat if you had to only eat from the food you had stored?  What if there were no power?  What would you eat then?  How would you cook that food if needed?  Many people overestimate how much food they have stored.  They think that because they have some canned goods and cereals that they have enough.  Consider how varied that food is.  Would you want to only eat canned corn and tuna fish for days or weeks?  What about the nutritional value of that food?  Are all of your food groups covered?  What about water?  What about the flavor of the food?

Last year I participated in a 2 week challenge on the Preparedness Pro’s website and learned a lot.  Money Saving Mom and Life as Mom recently hosted an eat from the pantry challenge where they encouraged readers to only buy a few necessity items from the stores for the entire month.  Perhaps try your own experiment this month to see how your food storage serves your family. 

Next time a snowstorm is scheduled and you go to the store, I hope it will be because you choose to do so and not because you must.

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