February 11, 2010

Tip of the day

Next time you purchase luggage, opt for an unusual color.  Years ago, my father bought our family a garish yellow set of luggage.   As a teenager, I wasn’t too impressed with the color (couldn’t he have picked something cute??), but when we made our first airplane flight with them, I was sold.  Instead of picking up the wrong luggage a few times like many other passengers at the luggage carousel, we instantly knew which ones were ours making the entire process a little easier.  The lesson in all of this—pick cute luggage but in a bold color. 

An alternate idea came from when I went to Paris as a chaperone for my sister’s band trip there.  The director asked that we use a large red bow on our luggage handles.  You could use a sticker or another way to make your luggage stand out from the crowd. 

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