March 21, 2010

FREE Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s

Yum, yum.  Ben & Jerry’s will give out free ice cream cones on Tuesday, March 23rd from 12n-8pm.  Are you salivating already, or is that just me?

In case you are wondering, I’ll still be keeping my commitment for Lent and will refrain from eating the free ice cream this week. (I gave up sweets/desserts for Lent.)  Someone was asking me the other day about Lent and why people give up things.  Our pastor described it in a way that I thought was great.  He said that whenever we look at the number 40 in the Bible, it is referring to some sort of change.  God can help us to make changes in our lives, and the 40 days of Lent are to help remind us not only of Christ’s sacrifice but to help us work on change in our lives. 

Since our daughter was born, Hubby and I have been trying to be healthier.  Last year, I noticed my eating slipping further away from that goal, in particular in the area of eating sugars and sweets.  These last few weeks have really helped me.  We’ve eaten more fruit to help reduce the sugar cravings.  I find that I have had a little more energy.  I am also much more aware of what I am eating.  There were a few times when I almost ate a dessert that someone offered me just out of habit.  I know that is a tangent, but I thought I’d explain since I keep referring to Lent and desserts with all of these FREE treats that people have been giving out lately! 

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