March 17, 2010

FREE Planters Trail Mix at Walgreens

I attended an all day conference today at the Tennessee School for the Deaf.  I learned more in today’s conference than I think I’ve learned in any of the workshops I’ve ever attended before.  I highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to attend any of their conferences, workshops, or signing classes that you do so. 

Since I went from the training almost directly to church, I’ve not updated much on the blog today.  I breezed through a few fellow blogs and found this great freebie at Walgreens this week.  Since I’ll be heading to Wags tomorrow, I printed the coupons and have them ready to go.  Happy Shopping!


  1. What was the Conference on?

  2. It was entitled Issues in Education of Deaf Children. The speakers gave information about the physiological issues related to deafness, cultural awareness, issues to be aware of in the classroom with mainstreamed children, resources available for the Deaf and hard of hearing, and interpreter services. We also toured their campus. I learned so much!