March 31, 2010

IHOP—Kids Eat FREE in April 4-10pm

IHOP LogoI received the following info from Shelby with IHOP.  What a great way to save your family a little money when eating out!

These days going out to dinner as a family can be expensive, and with overscheduled lives, family dinner time has dwindled, causing many families to opt for quick meals at home or on the go.  For the entire month of April, families can break out of their routine without breaking the bank by heading to IHOP for its national ‘Kids Eat Free’ dinner promotion. 


  • Kids Eat Free EVERYDAY from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Promotions runs from April 1 – April 30
  • Families who dine in at IHOP will receive one free Kid’s Meal with each adult entrée purchase
  • For more information please visit


  • Kids who eat most often with their parents are 40% more likely to say they get mainly A's and B's in school than kids who have two or fewer family dinners a week. (Time Magazine, “The Magic of the Family Meal,” 6/4/06)

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  1. I know the IHOP on Lovell and Kingston Pike have this promotion of kids eat free everyday. Not just in April but all the time.