March 8, 2010

Lessons Learned from Bulbs

I came across this handout that I had created when I was working with a horticultural therapy group.  I hope it brings you a little happy today.

CIMG1304 Lessons Learned from Bulbs

1. Pack away for difficult times—bulbs store nutrients and vitamins to allow the plant to develop into a beautiful flower. What resources do you need to “store up” to help you in difficult times?

2. Growth occurs even when it seems like you are being challenged—During winter months when the weather is extra harsh on plants, the bulb is underground working its magic to produce a flower in spring.

3. Sometimes we do not blossom quickly—when the weather is exceptionally challenging, a bulb may not bloom for a season. It saves its energy to making sure that the plant is alive and able to bloom the following year. How are you saving your energy?

4. It’s easier when you have some friends along—bulbs grown in swaths make much more of a visual impact, are easier to plant, and naturalize more easily.

5. Sometimes we have to work hard to get ourselves back on our feet—bulbs will “right” themselves if planted crookedly or even upside down. This takes more energy, but these will produce a flower.

6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—bulbs that were once thought of as “everyday” are now being prized among growers as some of the most beautiful. Tulip bulbs were once sold at the cost of a year’s wages. See the beauty in yourself.

7. Illness can lead to beauty—bulbs that have been diseased sometimes produce the most beautiful blooms, parrot tulips, for instance. The recovery process can be difficult, but the result of it can lead to a stronger and more beautiful you.

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